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Eden WT405 SOLD
Horley, Surrey

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For sale: Eden WT405

£250 collected, or £265 couriered to UK mainland

I bought this earlier this year - and promptly ruined any chance of succeeding with the 2019 gear abstinence challenge - with a view to it being a different flavour amp from my various Ashdowns. I’ve had Eden before and decided I needed another in my life, but to be brutally honest I don’t have enough gigs to warrant four amps and, whilst this is a bloody glorious bit of gear, I prefer the Ashdown stuff. So this should go again.

It’s in good nick for its age (it has clearly been well looked after by the previous BC owners!) and comes with rack ears and a gig bag. The only things to mention are the gain clip LED never seems to light up and the bass and treble boost lights don’t work either. It has a few small superficial scratches and nicks in the chassis but nothing major at all for a 15 year old amp. Other than that it’s stonking and if I could justify keeping it purely for home use with headphone, I would, but that’s a waste of its talents.

No trades please.





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Great amp @Merton..

Had a couple of Eden rigs in my time and they were superb, especially in the first covers band I was in where we played everything from The Beatles to Bowie to Prince and noughties pop artists.. 

Brilliant sound straight out of the box, amazingly flexible eq and a lot of that there mythical 'heft' we talk about so much round these parts.. 

Oh and very portable too! 😊


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Free delivery to mainland UK now :)

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"I bought this earlier this year - and promptly ruined any chance of succeeding with the 2919 gear abstinence challenge"

Blummin heck, you've already managed to ruin the 2919 abstinence challenge already! How much gear have you bought this year! 😂😂😂😂

These are great heads and if I had the cash, it would be on its way to me. GLWTS

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D’oh. I’m gonna edit that 😳🤓

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    • By Marc S
      Just wondering what fellow BC'ers experiences and thoughts are, for those who play both DB or EUB and bass guitar for some gigs?
      I went through a phase of doing this in a couple of bands, a few years back. And this now seems to have been resurrected by one of the bands, and a duo I'm in.
      On hearing of me doing this, another band has asked me to double up, where I only played bass guitar before. So I can see me doing this more often. I must say, I've really enjoyed doubling up at the last couple of gigs.

      I bought myself a tiny Euphonic Audio 500W micro bass head from someone on here, a few years back. Now the EA really is tiny - I mean it's incredibly tiny and lightweight. So much so, that I could fit it in the glove compartment of my car, to carry about as a spare! lol
      BUT, I've never been quite 100% happy with the sound. It's pretty good, but a little "flat" or "hifi-like" to my ears. There have been times when it sounds great when I'm just playing Upright - but these have been times when it's just an acoustic duo or trio. Played a gig the other week, out-doors on the back of a big lorry. Sounded OK with EUB, but a bit "nasal" with bass guitar, and didn't quite hit the lows I can usually achieve - even with my Dunlop MXR DI pedal....

      Since then, I'm finding that even though both EQ's are separately controlled - I'm less satisfied with the sound. I think this may be partly due to me having changed my EUB, and the strings on my acoustic DB, but I've also gradually changed my speaker cabs over the past year or so as well. Now, I know I'm perfectly happy with my upright strings, and with my speaker cabs (I've got 3 different cabs which I change around to suit the band / venue etc) - I also use a TC Electronic BG550 head, which only has a single input. I can get a sound I'm really pleased with, using the TC head, whether I'm playing DB or BG, and whichever cab(s) - but swapping between upright and Bass Guitar, the EQ's I need are so different....

      Has anyone got any suggestions for an amp head with 2 separately controlled channels? I like the look of the Markbass EVO1. I like Markbass gear (I've got a traveller 210 - it's great, and it's light) I've not tried an EVO1 personally, and am wondering if any of my fellow DB'ers use one, or have any other suggestions? Cheers all
    • By bassplayer76
      Amp Portabass rig,  All made in USA.   Very good quality 250 watt amp and 15" Speaker Cab (4 Ohms).  We'll used but functions perfectly and very portable as the name suggests.
      The amp weighs 6.5 Kilos and the Cab Weighs 12 Kilos.  
      Don't want to separate these at the moment and not looking for any trades.
      Thanks for looking

    • By eddi
      Hey all,

      thanks in advance for the support as I know nothing about electrical stuff. Long story short: my amp's power cable has gone missing after a show with my band and I need a replacement. I'm guessing not all cables are interchangeable and I probably need a specific one, but I have no idea where to start! I own a Tc Electronix BG250-208, on the amp's socket i can see "100-240VAC 50-60 Hz, 70W @ 1/8 Max Power".

      Any tip or link to suitable cables is much appreciated!
      Thank you so much,
    • By BrunoBass
      Surplus to requirements is my Genz Benz ShuttleMax 6.0. It’s been well looked after and is in very good condition. 
        FEATURES • Dual Channels -- FET and Tube Preamps 
        • Switchable or Blendable Preamps  • Input Mute Circuit 
      • High and Low Gain Switch per Channel 
      • Active 4 Band EQ with Dual Parametric Mids 
      • High Current Class D Amplifier Design 
      • Adjustable 3 Band Signal Shape Circuits 
      • Limiter Circuit 
      • LED Status Indicators
      • Speakon® Speaker Outputs 
      • Internal Fan Cooling 
      • Full XLR Direct Output Interface 
      • Aux. Input 
      • Headphone Jack 
      • Three Effects Loops 
      (FET Ch; Tube Ch; Master) 
      • 115/230 Volt Switchable 
      • 5 Position Footswitch Included
      Power Output  - 600W/4 ohm x 12
      Preamp Type - FET/TUBE
      Weight Lbs. - 6.75
      Dimensions HxWxD - 3 1/2" x 13 1/2" x 13" 
      It comes with the original foot switch and a non original padded carry case. Any questions drop me a line. 
      I don’t really want to ship this, owing to bad past experiences and would much rather meet up.
      I’m also selling the Genz Benz NeoX 2x12 cabinet I bought it with in a separate post. If you’re interested in the pair I can do a deal. Thanks for looking.

    • By davidlovellbass
      Hello and thanks for looking at this post.
      What we have here is an Eden VT300a in all its valve loveliness.
      Under the hood is housed 6 fresh premium 6550s by TAD, these can be switched out for EL34s to drop the power from 300 to 200 watts.
      For a breakdown of the controls here’s a link to the manual.
      Included is the optional foot switch. It’s not necessary for operation but helps.
      The weight is around 25kg which includes the case.
      Collection is preferred, meeting up half way, within reasonable distance is also possible for fuel money. I would also  courier at cost.
      Trades I’d be interested in include American P basses, Warwick Streamers, Behringer x32s, Lakland 5502, Decade or P basses, Avalon U5 plus cash, Barefaced Two10 or 2 One10s plus cash

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