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Ewan Aitken

Among pf50t di feedback

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I'm a sound engineer but have also been a bassist for nearly ten years, got the ampeg pf50t for my 21st last year and have been using the two XLR outputs for the Di and preamp, the tone is absolutely amazing this way but I do keep hearing a very fair  high pitched whining when I'm using it, I'm using a berhringer audio interface and I can't figure out the issue, anyone in the same boat 

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The DI outputs on mine don't have this noise, so I don't think it's normal for this model.  One thing that did occur to me though - one of the preamp valves in mine became microphonic, which can cause a high pitched ringing.  Does your noise vary if you gently tap each preamp valve? (you can do this through the cage with a wooden cocktail stick).  If you hear loud ringing when doing this, that valve may need to be changed. 

If you're using both DI outputs simultaneously into the interface it could also be a ground loop issue, in which case the ground lift switch on the amp should help. 

It would also make the issue a little clearer if you let us know if the noise is heard through the speaker or just on the DI outputs and whether any of the amp controls affect it. 

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