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Hello from the "Live Music Capitial of the World"

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I know, I know, that's a very contentious title that my hometown uses.  Austin, TX, USA is however known for a large and vibrant music scene.   My name is Ruben DeLaRosa, known as Ruben DLR online and I have been playing bass since 1988.  I have some formal musical education having one time been a music major in college but I did not finish my degree.  I have however built upon this education with years of playing and self-study.  I currently am playing in 3 bands, one Punk/Post-Punk band, Columns; one Alt Country-Rock band, Kids From Nowhere; and one 90s cover band (focusing on SoundGarden and AudioSlave, Crooked Steps.

I have used Fender and Squire and custom instruments based on Fender designs exclusively, but have used various and sundry amplification, currently owning and using Fender, SWR, Ampeg, and MarkBass amps and heads.

I look forward to joining and interacting with this community.

Other than music, I enjoy games of all types video, tabletop RPGs, and board games.  I also like Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies and books, and somewhat of an amateur history buff, as well as being really into all things computer, as that's how I make a living, working in IT for a medium sized global corporation that deals with computer and computer based test, measurement, and automation systems, but my speciality is application management, deployment, and configuration management.

I can be contacted via email at [email protected]

My Facebook profile is at https://www.facebook.com/ruben.delarosa2

I look forward to hearing from everyone out there.


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Hi Ruben, and welcome! A friend of mine from here in Devon now lives and plays (a lot!) in Austin, a certain multi-istrumentalist called Katie Marie, aka Funkeegirl. She loves the place, and has done really well there.

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