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Jule Amps Monique tube preamp inte Vanderkley Spartan with two Hypex power amp modules, 2 x 800 W RMS in 4 ohms, then into an AccuGroove Tri112L...


I haven't tried with my big TKS 2126 cabs, but I doubt it'll be worse... ;) 

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23 minutes ago, Reggaebass said:

You’ve certainly got some very nice gear mr bassmayhem 👍

Well, I sold some expensive stuff, so it is a "zero-sum game", more or less. I am a sole proprietor when playing bass, so if I don't put my musical income back into my "firm" I have to give it to the tax authorities. Better having no profit at the end of the fiscal year. I don't live off playing bass, it just adds a golden edge to the existense... :) 

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, xroads said:

How do you like it?

After some more serious testing and tweaking I've come to following conclusion:

Monique excels in certain aspects. When it comes to note and string separation, she is outstanding. When playing chords with four or five notes you can clearly hear every note ring without any compromising and interference from other notes. Pure harmony!!! The all tube layout also allows a nice natural compression to the sound.  For traditional playing I'd say you eliminate the need of a compressor, if your technique is good.

Also, it is impossible to get a bad tone out of Monique, due to the function of the EQ. Personally I like boosting the High and Mid to threee o'clock, and leave the Low at noon. That brings out clarity without shrillness.

On my Bassman amps - very good amps, btw - you CAN tweak some really nasty tones if you want, but also very nice and blossoming. But - the definition and separation isn't there in the same way. The Spartan is clean too, a really nice sounding amp, but lacks the wooliness and sweetness you find in the tone of Monique...

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