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SOLD Darkglass Microtubes 900 V1

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It almost brings a tear to my eye to sell the best amp I have ever owned without ever even using it live. It's very, very loud with excellent options for shaping the clean tone. I haven't dabbled with the overdrive options extensively, (I like just a tiny little bit of dirt) but it consists of the B3K and VMT drive engines from Darkglasses pedals which I believe are highly rated with people who like that kind of thing. There is a 4 band EQ with frequency switches for the Low and High Mids, providing a very versatile tone shaping section. 

It's immaculate and still under warranty, which is transferable. I only took it to practice a handful of times before that particular musical project fell apart, as they do. I  used the footswitch once to check it works, it does, and since then it has stayed in the packaging. I played it through my barefaced bass dubster cab (which I will also list on here soon :(and had to switch it to low power mode even when playing with a hard-hitting drummer, that's how much headroom there is.

I'm happy to include a hard case made from a camera flight case if you prefer that to the original packaging. It will also come with the Euorpean and UK power leads. I'm happy to post at the buyers expense if pick up isn't an option. If you live close enough to check it out that can be arranged too.

All the best







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Blimey that was a pretty quick turnaround! Well the purchaser obviously knows quality when he or she sees it and is certainly not going to be short of headroom for the foreseeable future! 😁

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