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I've heard some good things about some of the older Kustom bass gear. The KXB500 was supposed to be awesome and I was chasing one for a while but seems not many came this way. Probably not the flavour of the month and unlikely to be but here we go with my initial thoughts on the Kustom DE1200HD. Firstly it might be worth mentioning why I went for it as I have stated a number of times on this very forum my lack of enthusiasm for Class D amps. My MarkBass SA450 does not seem to be delivering the goods like it has over the last 10+ years. I seem to have to wind it up a lot more to get the desired output so having seen another post on here I thought, lets give the Kustom a go. If I don't like it, it can go back within 30 days.

Out of the box it feels quite solid and there is certainly more weight to it than a lot of the Class D offerings that are around. I'm hoping that is a nicely designed power supply. Build quality is excellent, everything fits well and it has a quality feel about. I'm not sure why they chose to have 2 inputs as they are not independently controlled. A simple slide switch is used to select your input and each has a 10dB pad switch. The tone controls puzzled me at first as they do not have centre detents so initially I didn't know if they were boost only or cut and boost. A quick email to Kustom and a very speedy reply confirming they are cut/boost with the flat position being at 12 o'clock. I find it a bit strange that they chose not to have a centre detent on Bass/Mid/Treble but have on Room EQ controls. A minor thing I know and whilst I'm nitpicking, why a Speakon/Jack combo output AND a Jack? I would certainly prefer 2 Speakons as I don't have to daisy chain my cabs. 

Right so firing it up through my 2 Zoot 1x12s and boy is it LOUD. With the gain on 12 and master on 12, I hardly had my bass volume turned up at all. With everything flat it had a nice deep thick bass sound with just a little bit of crunch. The definition was there and I felt just like i did when I first plugged into an Eden WT550, it was just there. Certainly a different sound to the Eden but a great natural tone nevertheless.

The 2 room Eq controls do exactly as described. Low Contour Room EQ - this active control is the final shaping for low frequencies. Increasing this control cuts a notch in the low frequencies to help smooth out room “boominess”. Decreasing this control rolls off the extreme low frequencies.
The High Contour Room EQ - this active control is the final shaping for high frequencies. Increasing this control cuts a notch in the high frequencies to help smooth out typical speaker peaks or room “harshness”. This can be a useful way to control the horn level.

I used it on a gig last Friday and it was an interesting setting. We played in a brewery on a raised stage so probably the worst acoustics imaginable. Huge steel containers, a "bouncy" stage, concrete walls, however it sounded great. My problem with all the Class D amps I have tried in the past is that they sound bloody loud on their own but get lost in the band mix. Not the Kustom. It sounded exactly the same when we started playing as it did when I was setting up and with tons of power in reserve.

I've another couple of gigs to try it on before i have to make a decision, but so far I can't see me returning it. For just over £200 with a 3 year warranty, it is a bargain.

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Still pleased with the DE1200HD? I had a Kustom DE300HD previously, but got rid of it a while ago because I wanted some lighter material... (Ampeg SVT7-pro). I did love the sound of that DE300HD though, in combination with my Peavey TVX 412 it was LOUD and rocking.

Was looking into the DE1200HD last year, but Thomann stopped selling them. I contacted them and they replied that the amp wouldn't return in stock because of some quality issues? Never had problems with my old Kustom amp, but it wasn't a class D one ofcourse.

Saw them appear in the Muziker store now... so I'm tempted to order one. But it's hard to find any reviews, let alone youtube reviews, online. 

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