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SOLD Ashdown BTA200 (300w Valve head)
South Northamptonshire

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I picked this up on this very forum earlier this year. Its a total beast and everything you'd expect from a 300w valve amp. I'm now 100% a helix player so no need for me to keep this.

All works perfectly and I've only added a couple of hours of playing on the valves since I bought it. I am now including a brand new Ashdown footswitch.IMG_8371.thumb.JPG.766ef45d0944c2210899ca301c3bd737.JPG

The info from the original post:

After speaking to Dan and Mark at Ashdown, here we have one of the early prototype BTA200's - so much so, that it's actually a 300w amp! They reckon that they only made and shipped around 20 amps labelled as BTA200s. It has 6x6550s just like an SVT, all are pretty much brand new, having recently been re-tubed and having fewer than 30 hours' use. Super versatile, incredibly punchy, and as gnarly as you want - if you want! 

Collection only but I gig all over the uk so may be able to meet somewhere local to you. You're very welcome to give it a full volume test here at my home studio.

I'd consider trades for a decent power amp (Crest CA9, Carvin, Crown, QSC etc) but nothing class D please.





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Can I ask the width of this please?

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Sorry, only just saw your post. It's 61cm wide.

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