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SOLD Orange OBC212 (2x12) cab

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Price drop to £350 £225


Looking to sell as I've moved to an Axe Fx. Generates a huge amount of volume for such a small (and fairly light) enclosure, which is achieved by two 300 watt eminence neodymium drivers, one positioned behind the other. This is part of the orange isobaric series of cabs and I’ll be honest their website can probably explain the science/rationale behind it a little better than I can - https://tinyurl.com/yxfefc6b

From an end user point of view though, it’s a great sounding, loud cab that’s served me well. Been to practices but hasn’t been gigged. A couple of amp marks on the top of the cab as seen in the photos but otherwise in good condition.


  • Speakon input
  • 8ohm
  • 600 watts
  • 25kg weight

Posting this will be fairly expensive so I would prefer a meet, however happy to ship it at buyers expense if preferred. Live in London though am regularly around Kent, Oxford and Somerset way. 

Also selling an Orange OB1 500 (see other post) and would be willing to do a deal for both. Happy to answer questions as best as I can!

Many thanks,





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Hi, do you still have the 15" cab as I couldn't find the add?  If so, please PM me what you would take for the two.

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