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NBD – Fender Highway 1 P


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BC marketplace comes up trumps again and sorts me out with just what I was after, thanks to Bobby D. Fancied something a bit gnarlier and more straightforward than my J and, having already tried this out at a rehearsal, I think it could be just the ticket. I’m now sold on replacing the flats on my J (which  were on it when I bought it) with rounds – I really like the feel but the amount of snap I want for the sort of things I’m playing just isn’t there. 

I’ve always preferred a Jazz neck, but I think a combination of this one not being too hefty and me being more comfortable with playing bass than I’ve ever been before mean this isn’t too bad at all. Also, it seems like the slightly smaller body than the J puts the neck in a marginally more comfortable position to reach the lower frets – has anyone else found this, or am I being a weirdo?

Next steps for the P are: flip the pickup round, and while I’m at it get a black scratchplate. 

Anyway, here’s a picture of it with the J and a bonus, additional beast. 



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