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New UJahm Video (reggae)

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    • By greghagger
      I don’t about you, but I think that Reggae has some of the grooviest bass lines there are. 
      The bass is almost always very prominent and right in the pocket. 
      I have made a video lesson to explore Reggae bass and to help you to start composing your own Reggae bass lines.
      There are a few techniques which can help you to make your lines sound more authentic. 
      I have left a couple of backing tracks running at the end of the video and you can also download a free pdf in the video description. 
      I hope this helps anyone wanting to start playing Reggae bass. 
    • By greghagger
      Here is a video lesson on a classic Bob Marley song, I Shot The Sheriff. 
      This is a really nice reggae bass line to play, recorded by the iconic bassist, Family Man. 
      Click the link for the full lesson and free PDF download (there is a Tab version too). 
    • By greghagger
      Check out my video lesson of five classic reggae bass lines. 
      Reggae is such a great style where the bass features heavily, and is often the most recognised part of the song. 
      I have picked tunes with some great grooves, and iconic bass lines. 
      Follow the link below to view the full lesson, and pick up the free PDF (with Tab).
    • By greghagger
      I have been delving into Ska lately, especially the earlier classic Ska/reggae crossover style.
      I have found inventive bass lines, often using walking lines or arpeggio patterns. Some are pretty fast and tricky to play. 
      I have prepared this lesson of Five Classic Ska Bass Lines. These are some of my favourites and you are sure to have fun playing them. 
      Follow the link below for the full video lesson.
      Enjoy, and I’d love your feedback on the lesson, or suggestions of other Ska tunes to teach. 
    • By jazzyvee
      Rather than hijack the reggae bass thread, i decided to pose my question here. 
      I'm just curious about what cabs you use specifically for playing reggae.  Up until about 18 months ago i was using a selection of mesa boogie powerhouse cabs. i had a 4x10, 2x10 and 1x15 that i used in various combinations depending on the gig and if I was going through the Pa or not. Mostly I used the 4x10. I found them to be great all round cabs but for reggae i found that i couldn't feel the bass well off axis and jt didn't do clean and deep at higher volumes effectively and with the band wanting that depth of sound on stage i felt it was struggling to do that without distorting and farting out especially on the low B string and if the volume was up. 
      These days I'm using a selection of three Barefaced cabs which deliver lots of good clean and powerful bottom end that i can get whether the volume is low or high on stage and regardless of me bass being in the PA or not. 
      i have a bb2, bt2 and dubster2 and the only one i would hesitate to use on it's own on a non PA reggae gig is the BB2.
      what are you guys using?
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