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Sei Bass Series 1 Single Cut 6 string TRADED

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Beautiful series 1 single cut, built for me so single owner and in immaculate condition. Specs as follows:

33 scale

18mm spacing at the bridge

What I would describe as a shallow C profile - somewhere between and C and flat D

Through neck

Bartolini P4s

Ash body, maple neck with purpleheart

Walnut top, walnut back and control covers, walnut facings on front and rear of headstock (it is truly a work of art)

Black hardware. Hipshot tuners, hipshot piezo bridge.

East unipre. Controls are:

Vol and balance on stack 1

Mid freq and mid cut/boost stack 2

Bass/Treble on stack 3 (pull for bright boost)

Passive tone (pull for passive)

Piezo vol, pull for mid-dark boost

Each P4 has a three way coil tap for series, single coil and parallel

Final switch is for the neck LEDs, off/side/front and side

Set up by Martin last year and strung with Elixirs

I have to say, it's a fabulous bass. It is a joy to behold and tremendous playability. The sale is reluctant as I have a strong degree of personal investment in the bass (not just the obvious financial) however I mainly play other basses and following some soul searching I think the time is right to move it on, I hope to a new and happy home.

I'm happy to sell but frankly just as interested in trades. If the latter, or PX, then the following might be helpful:

  • Only basses please - I'm sorted for amps and other stuff
  • I'm sorted for Fender type basses so no Ps or Js please
  • No 33s please, and would definitely prefer 18mm spacing but 19 is cool if the bass is comfy...
  • Ideally looking for another 6






Very sorry for my poor photography skills!

Please let me know if you want more info or specific shots of the bass, I'm very happy to speak on the phone or vid call so you can get a proper look. The bass is in Norwich and you're welcome to check it out in person if that's viable for you.

And please don't tell Martin....


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I'll give you fifty chips and a bag of quids...


Choose wisely!

I have a few 6 string basses, I'll PM you regarding a possible trade.

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49 minutes ago, Gamble said:

I'll give you fifty quid and a bag of chips for it. 

What sort of chips? 

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2 hours ago, andybassdoyle said:

What sort of chips? 

From the Grosvener Chip Shop on Pottergate, best chips in Norwich by some margin. 

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23 minutes ago, Gamble said:

From the Grosvener Chip Shop on Pottergate, best chips in Norwich by some margin. 

Where do I sign? 

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Isn't it traded by now ? 😉

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It's now gone to that black hole somewhere in Essex that has a habit of sucking up 6 string basses. Also known as my house. 

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There's another black hole in deep south Belgium sucking up fretless basses... 😁

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10 hours ago, binky_bass said:

It's now gone to that black hole somewhere in Essex that has a habit of sucking up 6 string basses. Also known as my house. 

It reached it's gravitational tenticles all the way up to Norwich... 

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It has reached as far as Croatia and San Francisco before... count yourself lucky your Fodera only had 5 strings! 😁

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    • By lawriemacmillan
      Stunning singlecut bass made in the Fodera workshop in Brooklyn, NYC.
      2009 build.
      Buckeye top. Walnut body. Ebony fingerboard.
      Fodera/Duncan singlecoil pickups with buckeye covers and matching ramp.
      Extended B string.
      26 'frets'.
      34" scale.
      19mm string spacing at the bridge.
      48m nut width.
      Fodera premium padded gig bag.
      Excellent overall condition. Some minor surface bumps which are unnoticeable unless closely inspected.
      3 band EQ with selectable mid requency selector and coil tap switches.
      I will consider pre-CBS Fender Jazz and Precision basses as trade options.
      The bass is now residing in The Bass Gallery, in Camden, London where it can be viewed and played. They have suggested finance options for paying in installments too.


    • By quenbrad
      Hi all,
      Up for sale or trade is an Ibanez SR506E 6-String bass.
      Asking price £450.
      I recently bought this used from Bass Direct as I fancied trying a sixer. I really like it but I keep going back to my 4 string so this has to go.
      I'm sure you know the spec but...
      Neck type: 5pc Jatoba/Bubinga neck Body: Mahogany body Fretboard: Rosewood fretboard Frets: Medium frets Number of frets: 24 Bridge: Accu-cast bridge (16.5mm string spacing) Neck pickup: Bartolini® MK-1 neck pickup (Passive) Bridge pickup: Bartolini® MK-1 bridge pickup (Passive) Equaliser: 3-band eq with 2 way mid frequency switch It was made in 2014 and is in really superb condition. The neck is perfect and the frets are great. The body is basically unmarked apart from a bit of damage to the bottom edge as I've tried to show in the pictures. No effect on tone or feel of course. The electronics work perfectly. As mentioned I recently bought it from Bass Direct so it has just had a full clean and setup. I've installed a brand new set of D'Addario EXL170-6 Nickel Wound 32-130 strings so it's good to go.
      It's great to play. Obviously it isn't a high end boutique bass but for what it is it's really impressive. Very well put together and feels great under the hands.
      Happy to include the gig bag in the pictures (Warwick Leather Rockbag) in the deal and no problem to ship at the buyers expense.
      I am open to trades... definitely 4 string, ideally passive but active also considered.
      I'm particularly interested in perhaps trading for an old Japanese made Yamaha TRB4. Really interested to try a Cort Jeff Berlin Rithimic. Potentially interested in old Warwick Corvettes or Streamers.
      Anyway, thanks for reading. If you're interested in making a trade or sale offer please don't hesitate to get in touch.
      Best wishes

    • By foxtrott
      Pricedrop 3.100 € open for offers, looking for Fender Jazz Bass orginal 70ies or CS 
      13.08.2019 => New Fodera Nickel Strings, polished and waxed the instrument, feels like new 😉
      I sell this amazing bass because I always grab my Le Fay anyway. 
      The bass is in good condition, technically tiptop, with usual optical used tracks (on the back of the body) and on the top plate smaller things, which I captured in the photos as best as possible.
      The tone and response is extremely direct and resonant. The playability very comfortable.
      Anyone who already knows and played Jerzy Drozd basses knows, anyway. Exchange offers are of interest, I look forward to offers and inquiries if interested by mail.
      Specs as follows.
      2006 Jerzy Drozd Obsession Excellency 6 Strings 35" Scale 24 Frets Etimoe Body Zebrawood Top 3 Piece Maple Neck 7 Screws Bolt-on Maple Neck Ebony Fretboard Matching Headstock Two pieces Jerzy Drozd Bridge Two Jerzy Drozd Single Coils Pickup Aguilar OBP-3 Preamp 18mm strings spacing, possible to up to 19mm or down to 16.5mm. 9mm at nut Ebony Nut Asymetrical D Neck Controls : Volume/Blend/Bass/Medium 400hz or 800hz/Treble Trussrod : One double-acting fully working Weight : 4.4kg Machine heads : Gotoh Controls Knobs : Wood, maple and Zebrawood.  

    • By lorin926
      EDIT: PRICE DROP: £500
      Edit: This is also being offered for sale on consignment at the Bass Gallery.

      Hello Everyone!

      I'm offering up my Ibanez SRSC805 in Deep Twilight Flat finish. The bass is just over 1 year old, I bought it in April 2018 and it has served me well, but I miss having 6 strings. So, I'm selling it to fund purchase of a 6 stringer. The bass has not been used heavily, but it has some minor, discrete dings. I've been using it averagely 4 times a month at church.

      This bass will not be sold with a case. 

      I will not ship this bass. Cash on Collection from me in Uxbridge, may be able to meet and deliver in London (within reason, since I don't drive).
      Dings: 1) on the underside edge of the body, where the guitar makes contact with the thigh.
                   2) Headstock logo has a minor flaw
      I tried to capture these in the pics.
      This is not being offered for the UK market anymore, so here's a link to Ibanez's USA website for you to see the specs: https://www.ibanez.com/usa/products/detail/srsc805_1p_03.html . 
      Please message me if you're interested.

    • By walbassuk
      In a moment of madness I purchased this variax 6 string off the bay, primarily because my line 6 floorboard has a variax socket so I had an interesting afternoon making odd noises and then it went back in its box.
      It is Chinese made, early model, has a range of modelled guitar tones, using the cat 5 cable into a line 6 device gives you the most options and I will throw in cat 5 cable, it has the socket for one of the lockable cat 5 in a Xlr casing if you have one of those, I also have the adaptor box where you can have a psu providing power to the guitar using a stereo jack lead (not supplied). You can also put a 9v battery in the back of the guitar.
      You can also have the snazzy red strap. There is a bit of a ding on the headstock, which was there when I got it. Prefer collection or 1/2 way meet. I will post at buyers expense/risk.
      Open to trades.

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