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Al Krow

NEW - Acoustic Image Doubleshot 2x10" cab

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This thing is tiny !!!!

Handles 600W at 4 ohms through 2x10" plus 1x5" to provide added mid punch. 

Omni directional sound - which I guess will work well as both stage monitor and audience cab, but query whether you're going to end up with 'wasted' sound watts?

Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 16 kHz

Designed for acoustic and electric instruments including bass, guitar and keyboards

It weighs, wait for it...

Image result for acoustic image doubleshot

...just 15 lbs

Oh, and did I mention it's tiny? :) 

It's just 12" high and 11" wide.

Competition for my BF SC? Very possibly.

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I borrowed an Acoustic Image combo once for a gig, I think it was a 2x8" with one of the speakers firing downwards, similar omnidirectional concept and it worked really well, it even kept up with a loud drummist and filled the small/medium room, probably about 100 folks in attendance.

I didn't realise they did stand alone cabs?...

Tell me more.


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This is the kind of thing that would be great for actor-musician theatre productions. Could be discreetly incorporated into the set and due it’s its somewhat omnidirectional (or at the very least, bidirectional) design, one wouldn’t be nearly as limited in placement options.

I may well be the only member of this forum with such a use case xD

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