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Overwater Classic J4 £1850
North-West UK

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Posted (edited)

PRICE DROP £1850!!!

I'm selling my brand new Overwater Classic J4. 

I only got this bass today, having driven up to OWHQ to pick it up from Chris, but due to me getting an Atelier Z JB4 whilst waiting for the OW, this one has now got to go. I've already got quite accustomed to the Z and I'm just preferring the 70's style J, not that the OW isn't fantastic (because it is!), it's just subjective... as we all know.

Specs -

Swamp Ash body

Maple neck and fingerboard

East custom OW pre with 3 band eq

OW noiseless J pickups

OW bridge

Hipshot tuners

21 frets

34" scale length

Satin finish all over

9lbs (rough estimate, although my Z is lighter at 8lbs)

I don't have an OW hard case but I will ship it in my Protec Contego, inside another double-walled cardboard box along with plenty of padding. You can either buy this case as well or pay a deposit for it, which I will refund upon return of the case.

List price for this spec is £2700...

Payment via PayPal F&F please...

Definitely not looking for trades at all, thanks.














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Posted (edited)

Born on Monday. Isn’t she lovely, just a few days old etc. Absolutely stunning, brand new bass from a first class seller at an amazing discount. As an Overwater player, I can recommend most highly, and this is a fantastic spec!

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Oh Lord, shame its so far away, I'd be interested to know how the balance / neck-dive is?

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2 hours ago, Tankdave said:

Oh Lord, shame its so far away, I'd be interested to know how the balance / neck-dive is?

Alright Tankdave,

It balances really nicely on the strap, like all the OW’s I’ve tried... as I mentioned before, it is a little heavier than my Atelier but there’s no neck dive to speak of. 

I’ll get a more precise weight measurement done and add it to the post later on...


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5 hours ago, Gianni "Orlandez" Orlati said:

considering trades or partial trades from/to Italy?

Not particularly after a trade/partial trade... looking for a straight sale really. 

By all means PM me with an offer though... 


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Lovely looking bass - and being an Overwater you can be sure it does what it does well...

Inspired me to get mine out.

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16 hours ago, stevesec said:


whats the string spacing on this please ?



Alright Steve,

It’s 19mm...


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I can't believe this is still here? "bump"

It's just too far for me to get too and try "that's my excuse"

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    • By [email protected]
      Now reduced to £800. 🤩
      I bought this new this year. It's only been used a handful of times because I'm playing bass a lot less due to family circumstances now. Beautiful natural finish and solid tone with a nice bit of grrr typical of Lakland basses. I hadn't intended on selling it, but it appears buying some bikes for my kids and teaching them to ride might need to be a higher priority for me at the moment.
      Collection is preferred, but I can ship at extra cost.
      Message me with any questions. 
      The 44-64 is modelled after the venerable workhorse '64 P bass. One custom-wound Lakland pickup provides a bruising punch and drive that nails the vintage split humbucker tone, sending it through the roof with full voicing and modern energy. The body and 34" scale maple neck have an excellent balance.
      Nut Width: 1.5" Nut Type: Delrin Fret Size: .041/.085" Width at Final Fret: 2.48" 1st Fret Neck Depth: .76" 12th Fret Neck Depth: .94" Fingerboard Radius: 10" Scale Length: 34" Frets: 20 Bridge String Spacing: .78" Neck Wood: Flat-Sawn Rock Maple Body wood: Ash Fingerboard: Fretted Maple Tuners: Hipshot Lisc. Ultra-Lite's Truss Rod Access: Neck Heel: 4mm Hex Pickguard: Black Controls: Volume/Tone Bridge: Lakland Dual Access  

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      FOR SALE this great 4 strings MERIDIAN JB EVOLUTION EXOTIC, Made in Italy, 34", Kaya mahogany body with ziricote top and tiger maple neck with congo ebony fretboard.  It comes with Rolling's soft case, and new D'Orazio strings 0.40-1.00! It has original Meridian Trinity active/passive on board preamp and Delano JSBC 4 HE pickups. Everything as shown in the photo link. It has also a removable ebony finger ramp beetween the pickups and matched wood knobs. Really big sounds and so really comfortable!
      Mainly I prefer to sell without trades!
      Photo of bass 😉📸: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1G4NjNoEMFbjBwitMp5SVmZEp1vW3ZDGl
      Foreign Currency: about payments different from the Euros currency you can pay by clicking using this ►Transferwise bank transfer◄ link.
      Setup by an expert luthier, wonderfully resonant woods, perfectly functional, really good conditions!
      Bass is located in Italy (Sicily). No problems for international fast shipping (following prices including shockproof packaging):
      To Italy: 30€ (1/2 working days) To Ireland/Great Britain: 60€ (4/5 working days) To Germany and Austria: 45€ (3/4 working days) To Spain: 60€ (4/5 working days) To France: 65€ (4/5 working days) To Lithuania: 75€ (4/5 working days) To Romania: 80€ (4/5 working days) To Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands: 65€ (3/4 working days) To Czech Republic (CZ): 80€ (4/5 working days) To USA and Canada: 110€ (6/8 working days)
    • By ead
      This was sourced from WD Music at a not inconsiderable cost .  Save yourself the wait and the expense .
      Pics below, please let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see in detail.  It's in very good condition having spent the best part of 2 days on my CIJ Geddy Lee bass.
      The shiny black loviliness of the top has picked up some stray reflections.  Sorry about this, mea maxima culpa.
      £25 posted UK mainland

    • By radiophonic
      Bump for trades: Looking for a USA Fender P Bass. 
      Fender USA Standard Jazz Fretless. I bought it new in 2016, so it's one of the very final American Standard models, just before they ceased production.  For those who are unaware, these have the carbon fibre reinforcement in the neck, custom shop 60's pickups and a high-mass bridge.  Sunburst finish, black scratch-plate (although I have the original Tort and will include it). This has barely been gigged - maybe three or four times - and has spent most of its short life in a case.  I just don't get on with the offset body, narrow nut and everything else that makes a Jazz what it is. A great bass but not for me.  The neck is fantastic and based on the kind of action I can achieve, it must be incredibly true. Extremely clean condition, with just one very tiny dint in the finish located middle of the back of the instrument. I can't get it to show up on a pic though. I've got it strung with Fender flats (I think it's rounds in the pic though). Comes with original Fender hard case.

      Comes in the original Fender hard-case with the truss-rod tool. Shipping will be negotiable.  For everybody’s peace of mind, I'd prefer some kind of personal delivery or collection agreement depending on location, but I could courier it if that wasn't practical.  
    • By The Counsellor
      SOLD - SOLD - SOLD
      Upgraded Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, Crafted In Japan. Upgrades include new black pickguard (original Fender replacement) and chrome volume/tone knobs (original Fender replacements).
      Alder Body, Maple Neck With Black Block Inlays, Maple Fretboard, Slim 70s Neck Profile, 2 x Vintage Jazz Single Coil Pickups, Original BadAss II Bridge, Color: Black, Crafted In Japan
      Shipping is included in the EU.
      This Bass was a very reliable companion through my music studies but now it’s time to part ways. Great tone, great fast neck and great playability. Well maintained and clean instrument. Currently stringed with Elixir Coated Nanoweb 105 - 50.
      There’s tons of information about this particular Fender Jazz Bass Model on the internet.
      Sale only (to get funds for a 5-String Bass).
      Questions are welcome. Cheers.

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