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SOLD! Ken Smith BT 5 G
near Ingolstadt / Germany

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Beautiful Ken Smith 5 string bass in the coveted BT or vintage shape.
Exceptionally beautiful Ebony top. Year of construction 1995, the golden period at Ken Smith.
The bass is exceptionally light for a Ken Smith with 4,4kg.
The bass was loved and played a lot, so traces of use are visible, but overall it is in excellent condition for its age.
The tuners were exchanged by the previous owner for the Gothoh Light-Tuners. Later Ken Smith used the same tuners as well. The originals are included.
5-piece body: Ebony Top, Mahagony Core and Walnut Back, each with one maple layer in between.
5-piece neck, 3 strips of maple with probably Morado or Pao-Ferro stripes. Fingerboard also probably Morado or Pao-Ferro, but I'm not sure about that.
Neck with graphite rods, this is recognizable by the G in the serial number.
Had several Smith basses, but this one has the most beautiful neck. Flatter than the one I was allowed to hold in my hands.
There is a Smith Teardrop case. This case was bought by the previous owner from the bay due to the completion. But the case is in a good condition, has obviously seen a lot of the world. The condition of the case does not correspond to the condition of the bass. But ultra cool, vintage and hardcore managed.
Antests possible near Ingolstadt. But beware: is addictive ... ;-))

No Trades. I need some Money, otherwise i would never sell this outstanding Bass.

Shipping with DHL.20190508_170954.thumb.jpg.0f0c817bebc82d13096658f704fd7c9e.jpg20190508_171015.thumb.jpg.8cb4f11c8866c6a0499ef278bc767e4f.jpg20190508_171022.thumb.jpg.86e9fda07c7bbdd51075a4d6a0d87b24.jpg20190508_171158.thumb.jpg.e2196aee14c2ed6fc570c259b1b01cc8.jpg20190508_180305.thumb.jpg.6b33049b32cf834e4a0a9ac6f7f0d6ec.jpg20190508_180328.thumb.jpg.ab436a3cfa230e4cd25884f0d1b37a1d.jpg20190506_183204.thumb.jpg.ddbb5d91fa393cdfdc7701193632fe82.jpg20170921_182800.thumb.jpg.d7e577b350efb4f1930b01a65b54c370.jpg

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