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TC RH750 overheat protection

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Hi all, I recently had my TC RH 750 enter protection mode during a loud gig this culminated in loss of sound from the amp although front of house was not affected. On allowing it to cool all was back to normal but I noticed that the fan is not running which is the probable cause. Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone have the part number for the fan so I can replace it thanks 

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Update, having opened up the amp to get a number for the fan I found the negative wire completely chaffed through where the wires rest  agents the circuit board. This was repaired with solder and heat shrink tubing, wires have been repositioned to avoid a repeat problem. Quick road test after rebuilding and all working well.  I’ll see  how it performs on the gig tomorrow but  not expecting any problems  

You can just make out the black wire in the middle of the photo. 

RH 750 fan should run continuously as such a small powerful amp needs a lot of cooling!  


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