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NOW SORTED, Thanks. Looking for Rock and Roll bass player, Surrey. Upright or electric.

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Looking for a rock and roll (as opposed to full on rockabilly slap) bassist to help out on a project. Upright or electric.

At this point a short term speculative project for some fun but could maybe become the main event.

Essentially I am doing upright bass and vocals in a 50s and 60s rock and roll band doing all the usual suspects and a few less known tracks (Elvis, Cochran, Cash, Perkins, Berry, Cliff, Beatles etc) with a guitarist is very traditionally minded and has that 50s feel and sound.
The sound that my drummer and myself have in our heads though has a bit of extra grunt and a slight punky attitude into it and want to try out a couple of sessions with myself on guitar and a different bassist. This might be brilliant and we switch the personnel, but it may not work at all, most of that riding on me being able to play well enough (been a while)!

So it could just be a couple of jam sessions for some fun with no commitment or it may work well and we want to continue in this vein, either with whomever comes to help, or to advertise for a full time member.

If it worked and everyone wanted to continue, the aim would be to play locally probably only about 10-12 times a year at pubs, social clubs, charity events, village fairs and festivals.
Not intending to get on the rockabilly circuit at this stage. We are based in Woking and Walton-on-Thames and rehearse in Sunbury.
Just drop me a message if you are interested and I will ping over some basic demos we already recorded in this style.

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