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NBD - Modded Squier

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Just picked up this modded Squier Jazz fretless off a friend for £60, it's been refinished with a brush & given that road worn look!

I'm loving the playability of it, feels great, & fretless feels really organic & natural!


It's currently strung with roundwounds, but I'm gonna put some flatwounds on there, I have a set of Chromes lying around.


Kinda want to put a 1 play black pickguard on it now, does anyone know where the best place to get one is?






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Doesn't matter if it's a playable or still needs a setup, for £60 you managed to get a fully working bass. That's a win in my book!

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That is a very Basschat-y bass. DIY finish, counterfeit decal... Is there a KiOgon harness in there as well?

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