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Sold ....Fernandes Gravity Deluxe 5 String EMG £300
Kings Lynn or London

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Lovely 5 string bass bought recently in this parish but not for me I fear. I’ve restrung it last week with Dunlop Stainless Steels and she’s sounding fab. Both the preamp and the PUPs are full EMG ( upgraded from  the Fernandes fitted FGI pre original)  Neck through construction gives sustain for days and not too heavy for a five string ( I have no scales to accurately weigh but she’s in the 4-4.5 kg range, definitely lighter than my Status 5 Empathy which is just over 5kg if memory serves.) Rob Trujillo played one on Metallica’s Death Magnetic but don’t be fooled this is no metal only bass. Any trial welcome.

Trades welcome let me know what you have cash available for the right bass (Warwick preferred not Rock Bass though)

Thanks for looking









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