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how much is a Trace Elliot V6 worth?

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I got my one for £650 back in 2013. 

They are rare but not 'so rare' that you will be able to sell them on for massive profit if you get a good deal. 

On price it will depend on the condition and how many people are wanting to buy a V6 at the time you are looking to sell. Sometimes when one comes up for sale, there will be two people actively looking for a V6, in which case there will be a bidding war. Sometimes one will come up for sale at a time when nobody is actively looking for one. In which case the amp will sit about until somebody does want to buy it. 

I would say £650-£800 is in the 'good deal' range. Anything more than that is pushing it unless the amp is in pristine condition. If the amp needs a re-valve I would try to get it for less than £600 as the re-valve job can cost £250-£300 (circa me doing one in 2015!).

I really like mine for what it is worth. 

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