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Family Photos


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Let's see your collection.

One of mine was missing for this shot as is receiving  a pickup transplant....




2017 EBMM Sterling 4HH

Status Jazz Necked Warmoth Dinky-P

Warmoth Jazz necked lined fretless PJ

1983 Squier JV Precision

2016 Fender T-Bucket CE300 acoustic bass

2015 Epiphone Sheraton2 guitar

2016 Fender T-Bucket CE300 acoustic guitar

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26 minutes ago, blablas said:


Afraid it's not the full family but it's most of them. Due to space restrictions some have to live in other rooms.😉

If you were right handed I'd be considering a career change to being a burglar. 😉😉

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4 minutes ago, mar_to_the_t said:

That's a really classy collection! The Kristall, the Monarch and the F Bass are awesome🤤

Greetings from Bavaria

The White Kristall is the best Bass ever and the Kia one is Same Level AS fodera.

Servus from Bavaria auch

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