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wireless cable issues

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I'm using an older x2 wireless system for the bands I work with, and over time I'm noticing a definite rolling off of the top end from my basses.

I've tried refreshing the solder in the plugs, and even replacing plugs etc, but it doesn't seem to solve the problem.

Can the hive mind of BC please help? I'm starting to get peeved trying to work out what the problem is!! 

Suggestions gratefully received ;)


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Please provide models and maybe even pictures. You probably have done A/B-testing with a cable and wireless system?

If you use something else than high quality silicone cables and Neutrik parts, and your soldering skills are not top notch, I can only steer you to that direction. Refreshing solder does not sound good at all.

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I’m using neutrik plugs and van damme cables. 

Ive been comparing my cables with an obbm one that seems to have significantly more top end. 

My soldering is good. 

By refreshing I mean that I have removed the previous stuff and resoldered the connection

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