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2012 Musicman Stingray Classic 5, in retro-burst. Birdseye maple neck with really lovely grain. Weighs around 4.4Kg. Has that funky, punchy, old school 2 band Ray tone :) Around £2400 new these days...

In excellent condition, no dings or chips in the finish anywhere. The odd light scratch but nothing I can really get to show up in pictures. There is a thin layer of clear varnish on the pole pieces to keep them clean (as recommended by EB), and very slight tarnishing where this has come off on a couple of them.

I bought this on basschat last year - it came without the mute assembly, but I have since bought and fitted one from someone who was parting out their own Classic 5.

Comes in original Musicman case. 

Can ship anywhere in the UK. More pictures available on request.









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Lovely basses these, I've just sold mine and will probably regret it!

I think that is actually Retroburst rather than Tobacco burst not that it matters really, I like either version,GLWTS 

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    • By paulbkeeves
      Up for grabs is my pretty much unused Musicman Stingray Classic 5 in white.
      I bought this lovely beast new a few years ago and have since almost exclusively been playing 4 strings. I did get to use it on a whopping 2 songs live once but unfortunately that's the only light of day it's seen. It is therefore in a pretty much as new condition. I only took the plastic cover off the scratchplate not so long ago.
      This lovely bass is located along with my good self in Berlin, but fear ye not, postage is no problem.

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