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Warwick Streamer Pro M (Made in Germany) + Delano upgrade
France (Toulouse)

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I decided to sell my Warwick Streamer Pro-M, Made in Germany 19 02/2001, with Delano pickup upgrade.


It is in excellent condition. I'm faddy about music instrument care
I've just changes the strings, with a slightly higher diameter 
(Ernie BallHybrind Slinky 45-105)
During this change a did a complete cleaning, and applied a Warwick wax on the body.

Then I tune it completely (tuss road, intonation, string height...) All tuning systems are working properly.

for 50 UKP more (so 850 UKP in Total) :
I've changed the original MEC pickup, by a Delano DJC4 that provides a much better dynamic (by the way, the MEC pickup is for me the weakest point of the instrument as the construction is really excellent.
This Delano has the same configuration as the MEC : it is composed of 2 single coil pickups,  It's plug&Play with exactly the same dimension.
Each single coil pickup is built in Noiseless configuration, so even on single coil configuration, the sound is pure and not covered by noise
And a German pickup in a German bass has sense to my point of view!
I replaced alse the Bend pot by a rotary switch in order to choose Coil 1 / Coil 2 / Parralel / Serial configuration. I used a quality rotary switch from Alpha, with no strange noise during rotation, and I reuse the Warwick button, so the change is not visible from outside.
I will deliver with the bass the original MEC pickup, and the certificate of authenticity of delano Pickup, and the Bend pot.


Specification still available on >> Warwick Pro-M website <<
In short : bass is Long Scale, 4 string, bolt neck,  Just-a-nut 38.5mm, flames mapple body (not just table), 24 bronze frets, active & passive, Bass boots/cut, Terble Boost/cut...

I accept to send in Europe.
Price is 800€ if I make it back to original MEC configuration, or 850€ with the great Delano pickup and rotary pickup selector switch instead of Bend
Shipping and hard case cost (if any) to be discussed
I accept Paypal; bank transfert...
Do not hesitate to ask details or detail pictures

Thank you















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