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Colombus Jazz Bass. “Interesting” finish, free hardcase

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Unique instrument alert...

I don’t know that much about this one! I bought it a few years ago from someone of this parish.

My best guess is this was black at some point and someone’s gone and tried to remove the finish. Not sure how the decals fit into this theory, as the effect carries on under the decals. I actually think it looks kind of cool, especially with the cream pickup covers.

This plays really well! Would definitely benefit from a set of fresh strings and probably a setup. Weight is 9.2lb per my bathroom scales.

Will include a hardcase.



- Neck pocket is not as tight as you would expect on more expensive instruments - the neck is attached with 4 bolts and is stable.

- Pickup routes are not the neatest

- Probably needs someone to take a look at the wiring. Controls are volume/volume/tone, but requires all three to be at zero before volume is zero. With both volumes off and the tone on full there is a small amount of output.

- A few small dents on the back of the neck.

- A jack cable stays in the socket, but protrudes a few mm. No impact on the sound.

Collection only from Carshalton. Trials welcome. Will drive to meet you for petrol money.











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I had a Columbus jazz many moons ago, it's good the pickups were replaced at some point as the originals are very low output.

Mine was heavy, but yours at 20lbs is a boat anchor! 😉

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