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Let down by Aguilars design.

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1 hour ago, agedhorse said:

Now one disturbing trend I have been seeing over the past 5 or so years is that non-factory service centers have become more and more of a challenge

Firstly thanks for the post....
That trend is problem for you guys in the US where you're in the same territory as the manufacturing factory ... for us in the UK our problem is that we've a wide range of stuff available... from internet cheapies, to US companies such as Mesa which are supported via a distributer and repair network, but off the top of my head not many UK based companies (Ashdown being the only one I can think of off the top of my head), Markbass in Italy and Eich, Glockenklang in Germany.

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6 hours ago, thodrik said:

Fantastic post thanks.

My uninformed worry was that some companies would be designing amps to be like certain brands of smart phones in that they are designed have a short lifespan with the intention that they are to be replaced by a ‘new’ shiny product every 24 months. That is a very cynical view I know and not entirely serious!

Of course every company will differ in terms of how their amps are designed in terms of future repair. With that in mind I’m certainly a believer that ‘you get what pay for’ in that respect. 


You are most welcome.

I think there may in fact be a segment of the market that does conform to this consumer electronics mentality model. From what I have seen, these are generally companies where price is the biggest feature but I'm sure there are exceptions as well. I personally do not care for this model, it goes against 40+ years of engineering training.

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