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SOLD: Danelectro '63 Long Scale - Black - £180

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Looking to sell my 2009 Danelectro '63 Long Scale bass. - £180

The bass has been used extensively for both touring and recording work - and always sounds fantastic. Just find myself wanting a short scale variant more for my uses.

as such it wears a number of chips and dings to the paintwork, but this is all superficial and in no way hinders the functions of the bass. All hardware, electronics, truss rod...etc are in perfect working order.

Photo below (let me know if you need more) - wearing tapewounds in the photo, though currently strung with D'addario NYXL rounds:



Additionally, here is a brief sound clip of it:


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9 hours ago, hooky_lowdown said:

This is very tempting, very cool bass. Necks on Danos are just amazing.

They really are! 

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    • By okusman
      Sandberg MarloweDK 4 string bass. Series 2. As original. Comes with the proper Sandberg soft case.
      No hyperbole needed. A quality bit of kit.
      Alder Body (Vibration treated), Maple Neck, Pau Ferro Board, Pearloid Inlays, Custom wound Alnico Pickups, Nickel Hardware, 38mm neck at nut, Weight: 8lbs 3lbs ’ish’
      Condition is as ‘new’ 😂. It’s never ever been dropped or banged, and has been kept in a hard case when not being played. I’ve gigged it, but I manage not to fall over or fight with drum kits.
      Bass is in Cheltenham. Will come in the proper Sandberg softcase. UPS to mainland UK for £30, or arrange a local meet/collection. I’ve a proper bass box etc
      New, (if you can find one) £1825 (Bass Direct 09/19) list... or as new from me £995. 

    • By silverfoxnik
      Hi Folks 
      I'm selling this Ibanez Musician Studio Fretless Bass on behalf of a friend of mine who's had it in his recording studio for many years but now wants to move it on. 
      Was up for £675, but It's now offered for sale at £625 or near offer. 
      As can be seen in the photos, the bass and the case are in good condition for their age, considering they're getting on for 40 years old.  
      I think the bass is the lined fretless version of the Ibanez Musician ST924WN model, as can be seen here in this Reverb advert a few years ago:
      But hopefully, @Bassassin might be able to offer some words of wisdom on this and put me right if I've got it wrong .. 😁
      The bass has recently had a once over by a local guitar/bass tech, so all the electrics are working and it's properly set up. Strings are old though, so they will need changing by its new owner. 
      Having said that, this bass really has that fretless 'mwahh' sound and it's got seriously loud pick ups! There's a great range of tones available from the active circuitry too.. 
      For anyone seriously interested, the bass can be viewed and tested by prior appointment in the Littlehampton area of West Sussex. 
      With regards to shipping, its definitely possible to send it via an insured courier service (at buyers expense), but it is a heavy bass as I'm sure anyone looking at this advert with a serious interest in the bass will know.
      I haven't weighed it, but it is heavy!! It's kind of like a Rolls Royce of a bass really - everything about it is quality and it's been built to last! 
      Anyway, if you've any questions about the bass, please send me a PM and I'll go back to the owner to get you an answer, though that may take a few hours or so depending on his availability.
      Thanks for looking! 😊

    • By Kiwi
      I should have started this earlier but no time to myself with a business and young family going...here goes:

      I've been interested in synth bass for a long time. It comes out of a enjoyment of dance music generally which goes back to an Abba album 'Arrival' and Jean Michel Jarre's Equinoxe V which then kind of expanded into disco with Chic and then funk/rnb.

      For the last 10 years I wanted to get a set up that allows me to arpeggiate bass synth.  I kind of achieved that in a basic way with an FI pedal and tap tempo slap back delay to produce the bassline to I Feel Love.  It's pretty close to how it was achieved by Giorgio Moroder originally also.  But I wanted to get a bit more into keyboard bass without being able to play a keyboard.  I really like the Freemasons and have wanted to emulate what they do for a long time. Their tracks are satisfyingly bombastic in nature and that includes their bass lines - some great disco influences too.  Check out these for example:
      But the one track that made me go 'hmmm' was this one.
      It's got layered basslines - one arpeggiated, one a pedal drone...and I guess there's a third in there as well for accented notes.  I thought to myself how fantastic would it be to be pumping out something as powerful and immersive at a gig some time...?  So my quest began...

      For what it's worth, I already have a decent pitch to MIDI system using my 6 string Shuker into a Terratec Axon MkII and Yamaha CSR6 synth module.  But the latency on low notes makes it next to impossible to achieve anything close to the tightness of modern dance tracks.  Yes I could string it with piccolo strings and transpose everything an octave down but that's a load of faff considering the user interfaces are so poor in the stuff I already have.

      One option would be the Roland VB99 system, it seems to be fairly reliable but the current model is sort of cab/independent stand based and doesn't really work with the other kit.  Besides, having plumped for the Future Impact, I really wanted to work with that.

      Another option would be Steve Chick/Industrial Radio MIDI controller based on his proprietary fret sensing tech.  I've met Steve and given an earlier system (when Charles Celia was making his basses) a go.  There was virtually no latency and now the basses are made from Warmoth parts, a system works out to about 1600 quid.  But to get the best out of it, the bass needs an expert set up which only Steve can do at the moment.  Steve lives in Sydney which is a bit of a walk.  I could use the fret sensing system with the Future Impact pedal but I have no idea how I would arpeggiate at this point, without some extra gear...which might make the FI redundant.
      So I decided to look into pedal based options given that they were generally more accessible and I already had a Future Impact and a Zoom B3.

    • By Paul S
      My back isn't getting any better so I am selling one of my Trace Elliot heads in favour of a more lightweight alternative. 
      I believe this is the AH-300 with the GP12 SMX preamp.  I bought it on here a few years ago and it has been my main gigging amp for that time.  Monster of a head, as loud as anything you'll want and this amp is bursting with heft because of the proper Trace Elliot watts (etc etc).  I have never had the master above 3 even when used on its own without pa support.    All the usual superlatives, in fact, especially when it comes to how loud it is.  Comes with nice long kettle lead and one of obbm's lorry towing jack to right angle speakon cab leads.  Mounted into a Gator ABS rack case and, with the leads tucked neatly inside, weighs in at a perfectly reasonable 13.1kg.  I found it made a decently balanced carry in with this in one hand and my Barefaced Supercompact in the other.  Such a shame my back is no longer perfectly reasonable.  Did I say it was loud?
      Price is £150 firm collected from Benfleet in Essex, could possibly meet up or deliver for fuel costs within a reasonable radius of Benfleet.  But I am not prepared to courier this so please don't ask.

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