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Bass amp advice for a newbie please!!

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Not sure what you mean.  A combo is a head and driver (speaker) in one box. If there's a suitable connection on the combo you can add an extension speaker to the combo to get more grunt.  But you can't put two amps (the original and an additional head) into one driver.   

Combos are are great for practice and small gigs and portability.  But if you're looking for flexibility and bigger gigs a separate head and cab is the way to go.  

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1 hour ago, Rikki_Sixx said:

With a combo of 100W or less (like the Fender Rumble or an Orange Crush), would you be able to use a head with it to get some extra grunt?

No, that would not work. More likely (depending on the amp in the combo) adding an additional cab would give extra grunt. HOWEVER- there are several caveats:

1. Does combo have a speaker ‘out’ jack?

2. Impedance of internal and external speaker. What load is ideal for amp? (This whole area can get complicated, so you need to seek advice depending on the gear you are looking to buy)

3. Many combos are optimized for internal speaker.

But as for your original question - No, won’t work. 

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Trace Elliot Elf amp, 1kg and matching 1 10" cab at 8kgs is as light as it gets. Sounds awesome too. Can add a second cab for larger gigs.


elf rig.jpg

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