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Yamaha BB424 Metallic Red Brand New

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For sale is an absolutely brand spanking Yamaha BB424 in metallic red. 

I bought this in early December from new intending to use it on Christmas gigs but in the end it sat in the corner of my music room on a guitar stand and to be honest I really have no idea why - it's never left the house, I've plugged in and played a few times but just kept on using my P bass for gigs.

I'm sure pretty much everyone who is on these forums will vouch for these as being extremely high quality basses, particularly in terms of value for money, so I won't go into any detail on how it plays etc.

Bought for £280.00, it's literally not got a mark on it as you will see from the pictures, so looking for £250.00 delivered. I'll post via UPS on a tracked next day service. It's a beautiful instrument but to be honest I need the cash.

Any questions let me know! 







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57 minutes ago, AndyTravis said:

That’s bloody tempting!

You're not wrong! Someone, hurry up and buy this!

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Andy, most of the members reading your post knew automatically that you'd be on this...😆😆

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Haha Andy loves a Yammy! It was sold but the guy had some unexpected costs come in so had to cancel the sale. It's just sat in my music room waiting to be bought... don't really want to sell but I'm skint.

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I collected a sunburst one of these today on behalf of a member here. I was surprised (I know that I shouldn't have been) how good a bass it is. Nice weight, well built and really nice to play...

Did somebody a favour and now I'm fighting off GAS.:facepalm:

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On 05/06/2019 at 14:44, MoJo said:

I wish I'd seen this earlier

There’s another one about a page in...same colour etc.

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    • By 1966powers
      Yamaha TRB John Patitucci Signature Bass  in good condition + Harvest Leather Bass Bag  in good condition too.   
      £1850 / 2.000€  Price includes shipping.
      Weight: 11,24 lbs / 5,1 kg.
      Scale: 35” 
      Bridge: 19mm 
      26 frets
      Nut: 2 3/16”
      Radius: 40” 
      Body: Alder and Ash (layered), with Quilt Maple top and back
      Neck: Maple 3 pcs
      Fingerboard: Ebony
      Bolt-on neck 
      Hardware: Gold; Tuners have white perloid pegheads
      Pickups: Alnico V hum cancelling
      Electronics: Volume, Blend, 3 band EQ (+/- Treble Mid Bass) N.B. the mid control is continuous, as opposed to the 3-way rotary selector switch found on the earlier TRB JP model and other TRBs/BBs
      Mother of Pearl and Abalone inlays, gloss finish.
      Cow Antique. Calf leather in retro look. 

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      A lovely early 80's Yamaha JB600R Jazz up for grabs. These are exceptional jazz basses and every bit as good as early JV Squiers IMO. 
      This one has a beautifully dark rosewood board and a rather fetching Larry Graham style white finish. It weighs just 8.5lbs, is perfectly balanced, sounds great and comes with a nice gig bag. 
      The flats currently on it aren't included (it'll come with rounds) but I seriously recommend the buyer throws some flats on it. Perfect bass tone 😍
      I'd keep this one but I seem to have accidentally acquired a matching black one.. 

    • By MirrorMan
      With a nod to Radio 6 ..... My first bass, a Maya Jazz (well, at least the neck and body are... everything else has been changed over the years). My last bass, a Yamaha BBPH, bought yesterday, and very good it is too. My everything bass, a mainstay since 1980 (refinished 1975 model).

    • By Osiris
      Up for grabs is a Yamaha Session Cake SC-01 silent practice tool and headphone amp thingy. I bought this last year, used it for around 10 minutes to check it was working and it's been sat in its box ever since! Comes with original box although it has come unstuck down one side, it was like that when I bought it. Also includes instructions and the connection cable. 
      I'm looking for £18 delivered in the UK please. 

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