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Marky Screen

Keeley Bassist vgc with box and manual £115 *SOLD*

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Keeley Bassist with box, bag and all candy in VGC.

Really nice, transparent and musical DBX 160 style compression in a tiny pedal!

Price includes UK postage.

Velcro on the bottom





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    • By adamg67
      Now Sold
      I've ended up with too many pedals, again! So, for sale is my Darkglass Super Symmetry Compressor, they are discontinued now but all the details are still on the Darkglass site: https://www.darkglass.com/creations/super-symmetry/ and there are plenty of reviews out there. Boxed and in very good condition, not a mark on it that I can see. It's got velcro on the base.
      Lots of control and cool blue LEDs with the usual Darkglass build quality.
      The photos don't quite show the colour properly, it's slightly more of a nickel colour than straight silver, I've noticed that with other pictures of these. The DG site shows it a bit better but not perfectly.
      Not looking for any trades thanks.
      Now down to £145 including tracked postage. Don't think I've ever seen one for less than £150.

    • By solesoul
      Hello everyone, I found out the website while looking for patch ideas for my Zoom B1x4. I just bought it recently just before corona struck and don't really have a complete idea of how to get the sound I would want to get (Somewhere between Alex Webster and John Campbell). Got some different alternatives though.
      Anyways, I have been playing for around 3 years now and yesterday (17th May) was the anniversary. My first bass was a Hertz P bass and now I play an Ibanez SR300 IPT and a Cort Action V Plus DLX (5 string). From the tone I am trying to get, I guess it's easy to understand that I am mostly into metal but I do love Rock n Roll as well.
      I play in two bands as of now,
      The Brutal Void- Melodic Death Metal and,
      Pockets of Resistance- Alternative Groove Metal.
      Will it be okay if I paste links of some of our songs in the reply section?
    • By jay bass
      Markbass Compressore
      In used but excellent working condition
      Complete  with psu and printed instructions
      Always been cased in use and in transit .
      Kept in a clean dry atmosphere when not in use.
      Please check my other items for sale
      I have some other Bass  related items for sale
      Collection welcome , you are welcome to try it before buying .
      I am located in cambs PE285AP for collection or will post if preferred
      COMPRESSORE is a state-of-the-art compression tool that allows you to control gain, threshold, ratio, attack and release. The pedal also true bypass, which means that when the compressor is ‘off’, your signal goes directly from the input jack to the output jack without any degradation of audio quality. 
      INPUT jack
      OUTPUT jack
      POWER jack (DC 12V)

    • By Mattbass97
      EHX Bass Preacher Compressor - £50
      Perfect working order and in great condition No original box but will be well packaged Price includes Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class
    • By 3Gorillas
      I am selling a JAM Pedals Dyna-ssoR Compressor-Pedal.
      These boutique pedals are handmade in Greece, excellent craftmanship and REALLY cool artwork. I have ordered this pedal directly from JAM Pedals while I was testing out different compressors like crazy (had almost everything on the market…FEA Labs, Aguilar and LEHLE RMI).
      Ended up using a FEA Labs and this one, finally decided to go for the FEA Labs.

      However, this pedal was just used at home, only a few hours total. No gigs, rehearsals, no smokers came even close… ;-).
      Comes with original packaging.

      Some more specs


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