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Marky Screen

Keeley Bassist vgc with box and manual £115 *SOLD*

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Keeley Bassist with box, bag and all candy in VGC.

Really nice, transparent and musical DBX 160 style compression in a tiny pedal!

Price includes UK postage.

Velcro on the bottom





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    • By redbandit599
      Right, after an extensive and fun research period I have found my favourite chorus, octave and high gain drive.
      I have however realised I don't need them for my current gig - sound familiar? 😁
      So, selling on for what I paid (apart from the comp. which I bought new)- add a fiver for postage. Can't think of any trades but you never know...
      All 4 would make a cracking mini board btw ... just saying 😏
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      Cheers all

    • By bigsmokebass
      A few pedals up for sale and priced including UK postage. All pedals condition: "As New" have seen little to no use, no signs of wear and taken good care of. Original boxes and any literature, supplied.
      Ashdown - £70 £60 £55 - Nate Mendel NM2 Dual Distortion. 
      Ashdown NM2 specs

       Zoom - MS-60B Multi FX Bass Pedal
      Boss - CS-3 Compression Sustainer
      EHX --Nano Bassballs  Twin Dynamic Envelope Filter 
      Any questions, ask. 
      No trades or offers.
      Feedback posted on my signature
      Big Smoke
    • By pilotbicycles
      Selling on a bunch of well loved pedals.
      All in good working order, and almost all with velcro (hook) attached tho the bottom. For now there is just a price list, but will get photos for all uploaded ASAP. There may also be some more pedals added to the list.
      All pedals currently located in Belfast. Add £5 for postage within the EU.
      Source Audio Bass Multiwave Distortion Pro - £100 Earthquaker Devices Sea Machine V1 - £110 Solidgold FX Beta DLX - £165 DOD FX32 Meatbox (w/ original box, & power supply adaptor) - £220 RJM Mini FX Gizmo - £140 Voodoo Lab Pedal Switcher - £50 x1  
      Looking to reduce the collection so not interested in trades at this point. There are a few photos here, with more to follow for those not currently pictured.      
    • By Glennalli
      Awesome compressor pedal which needs no introductions!
      Great condition, Velcro on the back due to being mounted to my board.
      Price includes postage to anywhere in the UK or cash on collection if you prefer.
      PM for anymore details.
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