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Marky Screen

Keeley Bassist vgc with box and manual £115 *SOLD*

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Keeley Bassist with box, bag and all candy in VGC.

Really nice, transparent and musical DBX 160 style compression in a tiny pedal!

Price includes UK postage.

Velcro on the bottom





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    • By Bass Wielder
      Alesis micro series used to be the bomb!!
      Here is a nice vintage with a power supply included. Studio use intended but small enough to fit on a pedal board if that’s what you want....
      ‘This is “the other” vintage compressor from Alesis. The Micro Limiter is a 1/3U stereo limiter which is famous for smashing drums, nuking snares, mullering cymbals and squashing bass guitar
      Although Alesis call it a limiter, at low compression levels – when the green LEDs are lit – it uses a ratio between 2:1 and 8:1. With the yellow LEDs on CR is around 10:1 and, with the final red LEDs lit, 16:1. It uses a soft-knee approach, so there is always some compression going on, but higher input levels means more compression and a higher ratio
      There’s no Threshold control – just Input, Release & Output controls and an In/Out switch. The back panel is equally minimal with input & output jacks and a power socket
      Release time is the key here – with fast release times and lots of compression you get pumping & breathing but slowing up the release changes the character of the sound immensely. At long release times the Micro Limiter is in gain reduction all the time but the depth of compression is still driven by the input signal. It’s possible to use huge amounts of gain reduction but still maintain articulation on signals like bass guitar. In this respect it’s more flexible than one of my favourites, the dbx 160X
      The Micro Limiter has another big advantage over its competitors – it’s a stereo device. This means stereo drum ambience, parallel buses and backing vocals are all targets for some serious compression. It will do subtle compression as well as vicious but it excels at the nasty stuff.’
      manual here: http://www.synthfool.com/docs/Alesis/MicroSeries_Manual.pdf
      Can post at cost...

    • By willellisbass
      Selling the fantastic Compact Bass pedal from Cali76.
      Studio grade compressor based off the legendary Urei 1176 compressors of late in pedal form, perfect for gigging.
      Been used previously but in excellent condition, comes with original box.
      Has velcro on the back but can remove if requested.
      Tracked delivery in the UK, thanks!

    • By Golder7
      Hi all,
      I'm after some friendly advice around which (if any) pedals you would recommend.  I'm in a reticent be functions band playing everything from Hound Dog to Uptown Funk... And everything in between. 
      One pedal I think I am going to get is a compressor to round my sound up a bit as well as to get s more even sound acrid the board - I loose volume the huge I go on the fretboard, particularly on the G-string. 
      So, does anyone have any recommendations that error help complete my sound? Or, any compressor recommendations? I've been keeping an eye out for a second hand MXR M87, but happy to consider others.
      Thanks in advance all.
    • By redbandit599
      Right, after an extensive and fun research period I have found my favourite chorus, octave and high gain drive.
      I have however realised I don't need them for my current gig - sound familiar? 😁
      So, selling on for what I paid (apart from the comp. which I bought new)- add a fiver for postage. Can't think of any trades but you never know...
      All 4 would make a cracking mini board btw ... just saying 😏
      MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe  £100  SOLD
      EBS Octabass Studio £90 SOLD 
      EBS Billy Sheehan Deluxe £120 SOLD
      Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor £110
      Cheers all


    • By JohnR
      Keeley Compressor Pro - £150 delivered in the UK.
      Superb compressor in mint condition with box. Pedalboard tape on the bottom which I can easily remove if you prefer.
      Located in Glasgow so anyone local is welcome to try it in person.
      I am selling as it takes up too much room on my pedalboard and I would like to downsize to a smaller board. I will either go for the Keeley Bassist or perhaps even try the HX Stomp if its compression is any good.

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