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my custom bass nightmare (literally)!


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10 hours ago, skidder652003 said:

Wow weird or what? Just woke up from a horrible nightmare. In it, I went to a famous custom luthier just to look at his work and the next thing I know he's building me this incredible thing made from exotic materials and I don't know how much its going to cost. I didn't want him to start it but he was really keen and just got on with it and Im fretting and anxious about the cost. Finally he tells me it'll be in the 13 grand region ( I thought maybe 2 grand!) and I have to tell him I can't afford it. He looks all disappointed and a bit upset but tells me it's ok and I wake up feeling incredibly guilty, like it's all my fault. What the hecks that all about?!

Can I have first dibs on it when you sell it on after a few months like most custom basses !

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Just now, Teebs said:

🤖 "Hi! I'm Teebs & I'm here to help with all your bass queries!

Let's get started!

Now, to start, I just need your bank account number & sort code so I can verify it's you! :)"

Someone has taken the sharp things away from him, haven't they?

Haven't they?

Why haven't they?


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16 hours ago, Ricky 4000 said:

Is "luthier" even a real thing? It seems like one of those modern awful-isms, like "artisan baker".

In my day (etc), there was cake shops, guitar techs, people who fixed guitars, people who built guitars.

The spotty lad who works in Timpsons definitely isn't a watch maker.

And to be honest, I'm not much of a social influencer, although I could call myself one.

So, luthier. Is there certain papers required before they can assume that title?

Luthier definitely is a real thing and pre dates the term guitar tech by 100s of years!( I know what you mean, bit pretentious isn't it)

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Think many professions have gone down that route.

You don't get car mechanics now ........vehicle technicians

Labourers........site operative

Fitter ......... mechanical technician or engineer

Electrician (industrial) ......electrical technician or engineer

Production / Plant operative...............production / Plant engineer

even routine jobs like boiler servicing / repairs or home alarm systems you get Service Engineer.

Years back an engineer was someone who had achieved degree status at college or University and was generally hired for his theoretical knowledge rather than hands on.

All change these days :)


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My recurring nightmare....

" Can you make me a specific bass that will be as I describe it?"

Yes. Thats £500.00 deposit and you can pay the other £2000.00 when its done.

"How long will that be?"

Oh about 3-5 months. 6 tops.

"Here is my money."

14 months later......£2000.00 lighter. "This bass is rubbish."

It exactly as you said you wanted it. Maybe you need another one but this time we make it out of a different wood.

"Are you sure? You are? Ok then. Can you do it?"

Yes. That will be £500.00 deposit.

Repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat.

Surely I cant be that stupid can I? Yes actually I can. Good job I woke up and stopped.😬


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