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MTD Kingston Z4 - reduced to £400

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Bought in November 2017 because it looks nice. Never used. It does have two tiny marks in the varnish. One on the edge and one on the back, as shown in the photos. With MTD gigbag.

34" scale. Weighs 3.3 kg. These are £900 new but need to sell, hence the price.DSC04419.JPG.e2e1f4ecffb3e5d8afb1668a152340f7.JPG





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You're right, this is a lovely bass, but too long for me. And it's a bargain as these are £700 new.

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    • By siso0450
      I sell my Immaculate Elrick E-volution Gold 5 Strings Bass. The Elrick has practically no use.
      Amazing Elrick sound. I've had several bass, and this is the one that has the best sound.
      Body: Swamp Ash
      Fingerboard: Bubinga
      Top: Bubinga (heartwood and Sapwood)
      Bartolini Preamp and Pickups
      Preamp: Active/Pasive Switch, Three way mid (250hz,500hz,800hz), Volumen, Blend, Hi, Mid, Bass Controls.
      HipShot Ultralight Brigde and Tuners.
      35" Scale
      Weight: 3,7 kg (Very light)
      Original Case, born 2012
      It is a very comfortable and light bass.
      Price 1870£ or 2100€ shipped included in a bombproof packaging from Spain.
      s This: https://www.elrick.com/iweb/Gold_Series_basses/e-volution.html#19



    • By maxbass21
      Since I need to fund quite a large Project I'm offering my MG for quite a nice price.
      Sale only 6000€ - 5380 Pound 
      Classic MG Specs except the Ash Toneblock
      5 String
      ebony board
      3 piece ash neck
      walnut body 
      ash toneblock
      olive top
      Aero Dual Coils
      Made in 2005
      I'm selling the bass because i feel it being a little too small for me since I'm quite big and also play a lot of upright. As well as I prefer other instruments while playing with bands. Just a personal taste thing.
      Playing the Bass alone it is just beautiful and sings wonderful. Also takes effects really well.
      Compared to other Foderas I have played and owned this is without a doubt one of the nicer ones
      A short Video from a Radio live session I played with the bass a couple of months back.

    • By Brams77
      Up for sale, sadly for me because I have a very busy job and can't get much time into playing anymore.
      This I would rate as one of the of not the best 5 stringers I have owned, and I've owned about all of the top shelve beautique brands at some point. Craftmanship is really OCD/top notch, very unique neckshape very shallow and comfortable. I would say the sound is in between a Fodera and MTD. Huge B string, very even across the board, a real pro studio grade instrument.
      The bass is in great condition as shown in the pics.

      Body Alder - Neck 3 piece maple + reinforced bars - Fret board macassar ebony - Top Myrtle - Pickups Seymour Duncans - EQ Duncan 3 band - Scale 35' - String spacing 19mm - Weight 3,9 kg - Original soft case included
      No trades please I'm trying to slim it down as I dont have the rime anymore

    • By therealting
      Beautiful Michael Tobias-designed 5-string fretless, crafted in the Czech Republic. Sold as the “Stadium” model for the Bass Centre. These are very nicely made, and both play and sound great.
      I would say condition is pretty good, there are playing marks (and gloss black is pretty unforgiving of fingerprints etc).
      - I think it’s a poplar body. Lovely sculpted shape including a beautiful heel contour
      - maple neck with unlined 2-octave wenge fingerboard and matching headstock facing
      - black hardware
      - Schaller tuners, Hipshot bridge
      - 34” scale, 18.5mm spacing
      - Bartolini J pickups
      - Bartolini 2-band electronics, plus three-way mid switch (boost / flat / cut). One of the knobs appears to be missing a cap.
      - currently strung with Dunlop flatwounds
      - setup and custom ebony ramp by Martin Petersen at The Bass Gallery, plenty of mwah!
      This is a lightweight bass (3.9kg) and balances very well on a strap.
      Little demo here, please forgive the playing!  Pickup blend centered, EQ flat, mid boost off.
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/f7aar3tct5gfqu3/MTD Grendel Demo.mp3?dl=0
      Collection preferred from London SE3.
      I have some other stuff for sale here, would certainly be tempted by upward trades for more than one item.

    • By Jerrylejer
      It dates from 2003. Apart from a small shot on the edge (picture with my thumb) it is in an EXCEPTIONAL and MAGNIFICENT state. Wenge neck, ebony fingerboard, 21 ghosts frets, Korina body, maple burl maple top and matching headstock, ebony truss road cover matching neck board, the bridge installed is an hipshot A. So many options that push up the base price of the new instrument ($ 5,200)
      1st impro with everything flat and neck pickup (Keep in mind this is an iPhone recording)
      2nd impro, everything flat, bridge pickup
      Wenge neck $ 500
      Ebony board $ 200
      Lined fretless $ 200
      Hipshot A $ 100
      Korina body $ 300
      10 Top (table) $ 800-1500
      Matching peg head $ 100
      Matching truss road (board) $ 50
      ... at $ 7450 minimum ($ the table is a price range, I took the lowest estimate) The original slice dots placed between the frets have been moved under the fret lines for info (more convenient). I do not have the original flight case, it still comes with a good quality flight case and key allen and for the truss road. I strongly favor a sale but remains open to exchange proposals for a 4 (fretless is better) or a 6 strings (fretted is better) only. Small precision: I hate the sunburst and I am difficult.  I specify that the price is set at 2900 £ (3300€) if sale. For an exchange, we share on the price of 3300£ (3800€) as indicated.
      I’m located in Paris, France (yellow Jackets)
      Ex owner is Jesus Rico Perez, BC members and wonderful bass player and composer, Hi Jesus !


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