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WITHDRAWN: Unlined fretless Jazz ("bitsa")

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Edit: Withdrawn, as I now have plans to sort out the body colour issue.

There's not any real need to sell this now, but it doesn't get used any more and so I'll leave it here in case it could benefit anyone with the the same playing but different colour preferences.

Originally bought on this forum, it's a WD Music neck (dots on both sides so a left-hander could presumably use it) with an ebony board on a body made by Ernie McMillen. The pickups are Villex passive (stacked volume, passive mid and treble cut) and although there's a panel on the back there's nothing underneath it. The strings currently fitted are LaBella Copper white nylon, .050-.105. With the light body and these low tension strings I've found very comfortable to play. 

I discovered that a crackling neck pickup volume control seems to have been a loose wire - I'll have to re-solder this if I can find my soldering iron or borrow one [Edit: Fixed - see below]. Everything else seems to be in order.

Collection would be preferred so it can be tried; I'm working in Oxford and live in West Oxfordshire, and could perhaps meet somewhere or deliver for petrol money. If required to post it would probably have to be Parcelforce ; in this case I'd have to include a gig bag (to be taken into account if you want to make an offer). I had a bass come over from Japan in said bag without damage.

Please ask if you have any questions.













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1 hour ago, bandeira said:

would you be thinking about splitting? Could be interested in neck and maybe strings?

Thanks for asking. I’d rather not at the moment, though. 

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Drop to £400, though if my other bass sells (see https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/342088-2004-japanese-jazz-feeler/) I'll withdraw this and try my hand at a respray in a colour I like.

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29 minutes ago, songofthewind said:

Nice looking bass.

What’s under the scratchplate? Any big ugly routs?

Thanks. Here's what it looks like without the scratchplate:



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2 minutes ago, songofthewind said:

Looks nice nekkid. 

Indeed - if only it were a sunburst body! ;-)

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      Thanks for looking.

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