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Aguilar TH350 + Official Gig Bag

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    • By jj1234
      Aguilar TH350 head in perfect condition. Bought in this parish not long ago and used lightly since, only selling as it occurred to me that for some applications I need an effects loop (doh). A wonderful head that can drive two 1x12s very nicely and has a stonking DI out. Plenty of info is available online, but it's still worth pointing out that the icepower power amp module in these is the same used in other manufacturer's heads rated ~500 watts. 
      Can be supplied with a carry bag (Gator) at small cost or not as the buyer prefers. Collection from London (based in southwest) or post at buyers cost.
      Many thanks and get in touch with questions. Not looking for trades.

    • By DanEly
      I'm changing up my pedalboard so I'm letting my beloved Darkglass Super Symmetry compressor and my Aguilar Tone Hammer D.I go.

      Both pedals have been well looked after, they have always lived in a flight case.

      Aguilar - Tone hammer D.I £155 + Postage
      Take total control of your tone. The innards are based on the OBP-3 preamp, with fully sweepable midrange frequencies, bass, and treble controls. This has been a 'always on' type of guy for me. It's great for adding the finishing touches before you hit front of house and allows you to tweak on the fly. Used but not abused. There's the odd mark here and there but it's fully functioning. I'm not sure if I still have the box but I will have a dig around. 

      Darklglass - Super Symmetry TRADED
      I'm sure you've all heard about these awesome boxes. The Super Symmetry offers all the transparency and precision of a modern compressor with the twist that its inherent envelope effect is reminiscent of old school compressors. If you need anymore info just ask! It's super clean with little to no signs of use. I have the box and potential all the booklets too.

      Trades: I will happily trade/ part ex for a Darkglass B7K Ultra, compressors and anything that causes sonic destruction. 

    • By thebassist
      I’ve gone stereo bass!

    • By gdrapos
      For sale is an AGUILAR TONE HAMMER 500, amazing small amp. Included in the price is the TH500 Carry Bag.
      Bought the amp last year, it is in perfect condition. I always kept it in the Carry Bag and used it mainly for studio work, also a few gigs.
      Basic Specs
      Weight: 4 lbs.
      Power: 500W (at 4 Ohms)
      Controls: Gain, Master, Drive (for grit, or even strong distortion), Bass, Mid, Mid Freq, Treble
      Connections: Bass Input, XLR Output, Tuner Output, 2x Speakon speaker output
      Exactly what you expect from Aguilar - amazing sound and impressive volume in a small package!
      Check for yourself:
      YouTube link - Tone Hammer 500 live
      This is a cam recording of a jazz/funk show I did with the Tone Hammer 500 last summer. I used the Tone Hammer 500 instead of the backline Ampeg head, and for the FOH bass signal we used the XLR Output of the Tone Hammer 500. I drove an 8x10 Ampeg cab with the Tone Hammer 500 and it moved some serious air!
      The amp is in Hungary. Please contact me with your address for shipping quotes.
      GBP 505 + Shipping