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Clearing out a bunch of pedals to make way for some new additions! All prices include postage.

Considering trades for: Compressors, Future Impact Bass Synth, Sansamp Programmable Driver

If you'd like any more pictures inbox me.


Foxrox Octron (LTD edition) -  SOLD
Limited edition brown casing. In full working order. Produces a subby clean octave down and a distorted octave up that can be mixed in with the dry signal. 













Darkglass Vintage Microtubes - SOLD
Great bass overdrive pedal. In full working order. No box.


EHX Bass Microsynth (Faulty resonance slider) - SOLD
The resonance (Q) slider is not working, meaning it is always set to max/open. This only has an audible impact on the pedal's sound if your start/stop frequencies are different. 
Offering this at a low price due to this issue, but it works and sounds fine other than that.


Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus - SOLD
Old school Boss Bass Chorus. Green label. Made in Japan. In full working order.


EHX Bassballs - £65
Another old school pedal. Twin-dynamic envelope filter. In full working order. No box


EHX Bass Big Muff - SOLD
Needs no intro! Bass fuzz. In full working order. No box.



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      Having found some amazing new toys, so....it's time to clear out a few unused pedals. These are all in good condition and fully working order...See descriptions below - 
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