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Eden VT300a FINAL PRICE DROP £650 OFFERS/trades

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Back up for sale is my Eden VT300a. But why would I need this I hear you cry, well....

The Eden VT series were designed and made in Holland by boutique amp builders Koch. Not meaning to use an overly used phrase, vintage tones with modern reliability.

Basically speaking it’s Ampeg greatest hits of the 60s and 70s with less weight but all the open-ness which the classic designs are known for.

Koch also made the famed Sadowsky SA200 at the same time as being contracted to Eden. Same components, same staff building it just at 1/3rd the price. 

The optional foot switch enables remote use of the tuner mute, compressor, 4 band eq, over drive and damping.

Included is the foot switch and a fresh sextet of power valves

Collection would be nice but a courier could be arranged at cost 

I’m selling to go down the IEM/FRFR cab/modeller path so basses and FRFR cabs is what I’m after 






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300 watts RMS @ 8 or 4 ohms,
6 band tone controls,
selectable damping,
compression with bypass,
can accommodate 6550 or EL34 output tubes,
(2) 1/4"; and (1) NL-4 (Speakon) output connections,
International voltage selection
19 in. X 7 in. X 11.5 in. (4U space in rack)
42 lbs.
Distortion Less Than .2%
Frequency Response 20hz to 15khz

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wow, that's a beauty. The 42lb is probably 30lb of 2 massive torroidal transformers... and a few bits ;)

I'm a bit old school, I never really trust lightweight heads - grunt needs mass. And I like the glow of valves, like tree lights at Christmas. Cheers me up :) 

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Posted (edited)

These are very very good heads indeed. Koch built the Eden and Sadowsky heads, and built a few Koch branded ones too the KB2500. All great sounding, super clear, super loud.

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Thanks Soledad. They certainly didn’t scrimp on design or manufacture. I think 42lb would be just over 19kgs in new money. The equivalent Ampeg is 28lb or 12.7kgs heavier 🤔


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Fabulous amp, but I couldn't have one, I'd just dribble on it.  And as they said in the old Budweiser ad: "I'm no electrician, but that's got to be dangerous."

Stunning head, mad price - so another bump.

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    • By Pow_22
      Didn’t think id ever do this but it just isn’t getting the use since I used it to record the bass lines for our album 6mths ago……
      Here we have an absolutely amazing sounding Ampeg SB12 from 1966.  Ive owned this for around 18mths and in its time with me its had two full services at renowned amp guru and ampeg specialist Roland Lumby – once immediately after I bought it which involved several caps being replaced and once again around 8mths ago before recording the album where the 2 x 7868 power valves were replaced with new Electro Harmonix ones and the 2 x 12ax7’s replaced with NOS RCA’s.  The 5AR4 rectifier is a Japanese one.
      Original speaker and tolex that shows a few nicks given its age, grill cloth has no tears.  Ampeg metal scroll logo complete and the light up Perspex logo hasn’t been modded with someones name like a lot of these and B15’s tend to have.
      In its life it looks like the top handle has been replaced and there are tiny screw holes on either side where it looks like side handles had been added in the past.  It also comes with a crudely modded roqslid cover.
      If you hear this with my flats loaded 78 P bass you will see why it’s the ultimate recording amp.  Its basically a smaller B15 and sounds glorious! Surprisingly loud for its rating too!
      As its an original USA amp it also comes with a step down transformer.
      Price at £1,500 has small amount of wiggle room but posting is not an option on something so special.  Im based in Bolton but can arrange meet ups.
      More pics to follow asap
    • By jj1234
      £350 for PF-800 Portaflex head.   Collection (London)   Bought in early 2015, but rarely used and still in great working condition.     PF-800 head is in very good condition and sounds huge. A few markings on the surface but nothing obvious. Can be posted.  

    • By Beer of the Bass
      70s Dynacord Eminent II amplifier.  This is a valve powered amplifier originally intended for PA use, using a pair of EL34 run at high voltages for a rated output of 80 watts.  In stock form the amp had a four channel transistor preamp, and was built to be very clean and linear sounding.  The perspex front panel has green lights behind it, so it's quite stylish in a kitschy way!  
      I have modified the amp by removing two of the transistor preamp channels and building a preamp based on a late 60s Ampeg B15n using a 6sl7 valve.  This is the four black controls on the right of the front panel.  I used a high voltage FET stage to match the output and impedance requirements of the 6sl7 preamp to the power amp section of the Dynacord, but the signal path for this bypasses all of the original transistor preamp circuitry.  I have also rebuilt the power amp with new filter capacitors and a new pair of JJ E34L valves, and set the bias to suit them.  The two original input channels and their master volume and EQ are still functional too. 
      With the Ampeg style preamp, it provides a very pleasing classic bass sound, and would be a good addition to a retro-minded studio or for moderate volume live use.  It doesn't provide heavily overdriven sounds, but with the preamp gain turned up it does a great subtle breakup that thickens up the sound nicely, and it also has a nice range of clean bass tones.  It's quiet in terms of background noise too.  
      It's relatively compact for a valve head, and comes with a well used but useful ABS flight case to carry it in.  It has impedance selectors on the back panel to run 4, 8 or 16 ohm cabs.  
      In Edinburgh, but will pack and courier at cost. cost. Let me know if you'd like a quote for this.

    • By maximumbass21
      Bought brand new 11/2017. Comes with the Aguilar hard carry case which cost £250. 
      Amp is in perfect condition, case has slight signs of wear. I will post some proper pictures soon but am just providing screenshotted photos from gigs/studio for now. 
      Located in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Collection preferred but could sort out delivery if necessary. 
      Only trade I will consider is for an Aguilar AG700 + cash. Shoot me a near offer to listed price, need the amp gone quickly.
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