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PRICE DROP: 5 String Fretless Warwick Infinity SN 2008 Custom Shop LAST CALL BEFORE EBAY

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A reluctant sale of one of the most beautiful basses I have owned:

Serial number:
D 143113 08
Article number:
-> 2008-04-08
CO Infinity SN TCS, 5-string
Natural Oil finish
Zebrano body
Ovangkol neck
Black hardware  
Made in Germany
Marks and dings are as pictured, the marks on the fingers board were harder to capture, however in it's previous ownership somebody has been doing some string bending, the playing is not effected at all and might I add this is a wonderfully well built and great sounding bass. I bought this from Bass Centre in 2010 and it has been played and loved.
The only issue it has is with the volume knob; when it is set to 0%(Full Anti-Clockwise Turn) it seems to think it is at about 40% volume, then it increases normally until it eventually hits 100%, as it continues to turn it then cuts out, then starts at 0% and finally finishing on the 40% at full turn clockwise.I've never had a knob do this however I imagine it needs a totally new push pull knob. Hopefully that made sense, the volume knob is still usable, it has even been gigged like this a few times. I might fix it however I am completely tied up in my work for the new charity I am launching relating to Musicians and Mental Health, really can't give too much away on that just yet, I will though throughout this forum when I can and where I am of course allowed. :D

Thank you for looking.


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A massive price drop to £1200, can and will include the unpictured volume knob and will even through in a rugged mono m80 gig bag that has had fair use however is in full working order with all straps for an extra £50 just to to be safe when posting and so you have a decent case for the bass. 

Happy buying people, don't miss out on this beautiful bass!

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4 minutes ago, Iacopo San said:

It's.....beautiful. I have a soft spot for zebrano.


Thank you, me too. In a pretty tight spot though and sometimes the collection has to give.

Thanks for the comment! :)

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    • By NotAsGoodAsJaco
      For sale. Beautiful Ken Smith Black Tiger 5 from 2011. Comes with everything shown in the photos (Smith case and strap, spare set of Dunlop strap locks and Smith letter of authenticity).
      I bought this from the bass gallery in Camden in Sept of 18. Tried it in the shop and thought it was amazing. It is amazing! However, for me the 18mm string spacing at the bridge is just too tight.
      It's a dream bass for me - the tone, the options,  the feel, the look of the wood,  the neck, the body...everything is incredible but being as I have rather large hands I just can't cope with 18mm.
      Looking for serious offers on this price. Postage and pick-up can be arranged. Good luck,

    • By knirirr
      There's not any real need to sell this now, but it doesn't get used any more and so I'll leave it here in case it could benefit anyone with the the same playing but different colour preferences.
      Originally bought on this forum, it's a WD Music neck (dots on both sides so a left-hander could presumably use it) with an ebony board on a body made by Ernie McMillen. The pickups are Villex passive (stacked volume, passive mid and treble cut) and although there's a panel on the back there's nothing underneath it. The strings currently fitted are LaBella Copper white nylon, .050-.105. With the light body and these low tension strings I've found very comfortable to play. 
      I discovered that a crackling neck pickup volume control seems to have been a loose wire - I'll have to re-solder this if I can find my soldering iron or borrow one [Edit: Fixed - see below]. Everything else seems to be in order.
      Collection would be preferred so it can be tried; I'm working in Oxford and live in West Oxfordshire, and could perhaps meet somewhere or deliver for petrol money. If required to post it would probably have to be Parcelforce ; in this case I'd have to include a gig bag (to be taken into account if you want to make an offer). I had a bass come over from Japan in said bag without damage.
      Please ask if you have any questions.

    • By Higgie
      Up for sale is my Jon Shuker 5 String Jazz built for me in 2013. It has a couple knocks and bumps having toured the world with me but nothing obvious from the front. Villex pickups and electronics with passive mid cut make for a very versatile sound. It’s not the lightest bass ever made, but plays and sounds great. Comes with it’s original Hiscox hard case, or will knock some off if you want it in a generic gigbag.
      £1000 collected from Chingford, London.

    • By Bassassin
      Inclined to think this is a one-off home build, but aside from the wonky/fugly headstock, this looks competently done. That enormous pickup's quite incredible!
      There's a logo of some sort on the headstock - anyone recognise it or able to decipher it?

    • By Bassdude BE
      I've come to my senses and this is now no longer for sale!!
      website: https://mgbassguitars.com/?lang=en

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