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Bassdude BE

PRICEDROPS! 3 Leaf Audio "Proton" (150Euro) & SD Doubleback compressor (50Euro)

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Winter Sales! (EU/UK only)


PRICEDROPS! =>  Compressor now for 50Euro (Bargain deel here!) and Proton for 150Euro


- Zoom Q8 audiocam, 6months old, as new!
incl. all gadgets, still in original packaging. => 250Euro ON HOLD!


- 3 Leaf Audio "Doom" boxed => NOW SOLD!
- 3 Leaf Audio "Proton" boxed, mint! => 165Euro 


- Seymour Duncan Doubleback compressor (refinished) 
boxed, with manual. => 65Euro

Ovnilab review: http://www.ovnilab.com/reviews/duncan.shtml


- Boss OC-2 octaver 
(made in japan, april 1984) => NOW SOLD!

- Fender Flatwound bass 50-100, sealed! =>  NOW SOLD!
- D'addario XL guitar strings 10-46, sealed! => 4Euro

Greets & Grooves!






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