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Making a cab?

Rexel Matador

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Hi there,

I've been trying to sell my Hartke HyDrive 810 for ages, but it seems nobody wants something that big and I just can't get rid of it, which got me thinking...

Could I, in theory, take it apart and repurpose 4 of the 8 speakers, and build myself a 4x10?

Is it just a matter of figuring out wiring and the right size and then making a nice wooden box, or is it impossible for any number of reasons I haven't considered?

Any input much appreciated!

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My starting point would be to check the drive units, and how they are wired. If each speaker is 8 ohms, they you have several options, but if they are all 32 ohms, then your options are more limited.

Personally, since I don't have a dedicated roadie, I'd be thinking in terms of 2-speaker boxes, and take 1-4 depending on the volume that you want.


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Assuming the units are 8 ohms

Build four 2x10 cabs.   A  4x10 is a weighty beast , and these days most ( maybe not all ) want cabs they can put in a carrier bag and take to gigs.

You could keep 2 cabs so you could have one 8 ohm cab for small gigs and  two cabs for a 4 ohm ( assuming your amp can do 4 ohms) monster gig and sell the other two 8 ohm cabs.  I think 2x10's will be easier to sell than a 4x10


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If this is the current version with the neo drivers then you should have no problems. a quick look at the manual shows the cab is in fact 4 2x10 cabs internally and a sealed cab so essentially you could just build a 2x10 the same volume as 1/4 of the cab you have and you'd get the same sort of sound but quieter and without the horn. Or a half sized 4x10, with or without horn. If you use the horn you may need to tweak the crossover but someone here may be able to help you with that. I'd probably go for a 2x10 with the horn in and another with no horn. That way you can take one cab to most gigs or both if you want a bit more oomph.

If these are the neo drivers you can probably sell the spare drivers for a decent price.

Without knowing anything about the drivers specs it is possible you might be able to put them in a ported cab and get a bit more bass out of them, it would change the tonal balance but that might be a good thing.

Reckon to spend about £50 on each 2x10 (a 4x10 is only going to cost about £20 extra as it's only the extra wood) by the time you've bought all the handles corners trim and so on. Then think what the 8x10 is worth and what you'd have to pay for a 4x10. 

If you decide to go ahead you can get a lot of help on this forum.

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Thanks all - I'm not sure why the 2x10 idea didn't occur to me, so I'm glad I asked.

Ahh, the bewildering mind-****ery of impedance. Fun times ahead 😆

I'm not too concerned about the money side of things. I bought the 810 because I got a great deal on it, but admittedly was a little too inexperienced to realise quite how excessive it was. I'm enthused enough by the project to be ok with paying for bits of wood etc just for the fun of it. I could just look for a smaller cab of course, but then I'd still have this monolith taking up far too much space in my flat! This way I get to tinker with stuff and (god willing) sort out my cab requirements at the same time.

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