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£80 - Nemphasis VT optical compressor

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Now £80

This is a great compressor. I don't need it anymore due to a change in set up but it hasn't let me down in 2 years and always helps to balance my sound in various live scenarios. Simple layout but great variety of tonal changes available.

All welcome to try it out.




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Great compressor!

It is optical, easy and effective. Probably one of the best compressor on the market

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      Digging around in my odds and sods box earlier I found my old Alesis Smashup digital compressor and thought I'd have a play with it having not touched it for years. When plugging it in everything appears to be working fine but there there is a persistent high pitched whistle while using it and what sounds like a sort of Morse code tapping underneath it too, which from what I can gather online is digital clock noise (although I have no idea what that actually means!). Further looking online suggests that the issue is the power supply not being isolated, but I'm using the original Alesis power supply that came with the pedal, I'm not using it with any other pedals, it's just bass into the Smashup into my amp. It's worth noting that the pedal is sat on top of the amp in case this makes a difference. The amp and the pedal are plugged into the same multi gang socket. I've tried to power it using a different power supply but it appears to have an odd sized connector, my 9V Boss adaptor being too big to fit. I've also tried other cables but to no avail. 
      Anyone have any thoughts as to what I can do to resolve this? Or is the pedal had it? Be shame if it has as it's a great sounding unit.    
    • By Marky Screen
      Ubiquitous bass compressor and top tier Ovnilabs fav.
      The ratio selector knob is missing its cover. I lent this to a mate for a bit and it came back like this with the comment "I'm pretty sure you gave it to me like that" . He's a good mate😂
      Otherwise in good working order.
      Velcro on the bottom.

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