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DOD Meatbox For Sale - £200

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In good working order, with velcro (hook) attached tho the bottom.

Currently located in Belfast. Add £5 for postage within the EU.



  • DOD FX32 Meatbox (w/ original box, & power supply adaptor) - £220 £200


Looking to reduce the collection so not interested in trades at this point.
There are a few photos here; let me know if you want/need more detailed photos.






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Items Sold

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Last two left to go: make ears bleed, bust guts and subs, or both simultaneously! 

A wall of sonic destruction or delight available right here.

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    • By Salt on your Bass?
      Rearranged my board. Fair bit lately and messed around with sounds for a current project and these are the ones that don't work or are surplus. 
      Echohead                £35  
      Palmer Di box        £45 (boxed used twice - as new - 2 channel passive DI)
      Pedaltrain Mini      £35 (Pic to follow) softcase with soft velcro on board 
      All pedals have velcro on the underside. 
      Drop me a line with any questions I'll get missing pics up in the next few days. Thanks 
      Dod flanger              SOLD
      Pedaltrain JR         SOLD
      Idiotbox blowerbox SOLD
      Megalith                  SOLD
      Moog ep3                SOLD
      Meatbox                  SOLD

    • By Matte_black
      Hello... the time has come to let go this amazing cab. I owned it for one year, give or take, but only used it at low volumes to test instruments.
      It was originally built for the Kalium Strings booth at the 2016 NAMM by Duke Lejeune (Audiokinesis USA) and has been designed to go ultra-low (down flat to 23hz or so). http://www.audiokinesis.com - these cabs are all the rage on Talkbass... and for a reason!
      It's more or less the same dimensions of the SWR Big Ben, maybe a bit taller, but it's not heavy. It contains an €850 BMS woofer and 4 Faital 3" mids. Also there are two switches on the back: one shuts the mids down for subwoofer use, the other one changes the response of the mids (two positions). It's absolutely the best cab I've ever played thru, but it's just wasted as my gigging days are long gone and I never used it outside my house. It's 800w/4ohm.
      Completely stock, finished with Duratex, I think. A cab like this probably costs 2K new, I paid €545 to have it shipped from the USA plus customs duties... go figure!
      I'll take a loss but want to free some space from unused items, so priced it at £699 plus shipping. If it's too expensive, we can eventually find a solution like splitting the UPS fees, we'll see.
      I still have the box I got it in. Not interested in trades, sorry... gotta make some room in my house, I have too many cabs/basses and they spend their time collecting dust. 
      As you can guess, it's one of the best cabs money can buy if you're into low frequencies, extended range basses or effects that need supermassive lows.

    • By 40hz
      Here we have my beloved USA SUB.
      This has been my main bass over the past 3 years and will be sad to see it go but have been using my Modulus Flea almost exclusively now.
      It's one of the very first USA SUBs made dating back to May 2003. All original and un-fettered condition all-round aside from a few nicks (worst of all being a scratch on the upper bout that is hardly noticeable).
      Body is Poplar and the neck has the nicest figured Rosewood I've ever seen on a production bass.
      Weight is 9lbs.
      I have recently had a new G-string tuner fitted (official Musicman part) as as with a lot of Musicman basses the original got slightly bent (I will supply this also as it is still functional).
      Bass will also come with a black pickguard as well as the original metal-look scratchplate
      Collection only or will meet up/deliver within a 70 mile radius to Witney in West Oxfordshire.
      Will consider trade for Squier CV 60's Precision or Jazz plus cash my way.

    • By Salt on your Bass?
      BAREFACED DUBSTER 2 - £795 - NOW £695
      Due to changing up my board and tone a load the last 3-6 months, I don't have a need for this cab anymore and with an upcoming project I need to free up some cash.....
      Anyone who knows the current barefaced line will probably be familiar with the quality of the engineering. This is a pre-production model, 8 ohm with a textured finish and steel grill. Very light 118 cab. It's a sub or a bass cab, the full spec and details here:
      DIMENSIONS: 61cm x 61cm x 47cm
      WEIGHT: 21 kg
      USABLE FREQUENCY Range 25Hz - 2kHz
      RECOMMENDED AMP Power 200-2400W MAXIMUM LF Output 135
      Retails at £1,149 plus £60 postage. I'm looking for £795 £695 NOW. I can deliver locally (Bedford, Northampton, Milton Keynes area) but I dont want to post at the moment. I also get around a little gigging so happy to be asked about reasonable distance etc. Barely used and in outstanding condition. PM any questions.
      Additional Blurb:
      It's small and light and can handle loads of power. It goes very, very low. It's actually a passive version of Barefaced's awe-inspiring LF1400 subwoofer, so you can use it as: 
      1. A standalone reggae/dub/dancehall/etc bass cab 
      2. A passive PA subwoofer 
      3. A bass cab bottom run full-range to add clean depth, weight, thump and punch to your rig without getting in the way of the tone of your top cab(s). 
      4. The bottom end of a biamp or triamp bass rig. 

      Serious rigidity for maximum attack and pure bass tone. 
      Reinforced corners and edges for touring toughness. 
      Huge ports tuned to optimise depth, output and speed. 
      Incredibly low weigh

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