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Identifying Japanese fender jazz body...

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I’d have to see the full body. With copies it’s usually a matter of proportions.

Also, that stamp correlates with a model number etc...if I were faking things, I’d be faking USA stuff.

but if you’ve got a link or better pics of the full thing, I reckon I could tell.

i sold Fenders of all origins for 12/13 years and can spot knock offs a mile off.

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5 minutes ago, AndyTravis said:

Looks about right. Nice aged patina - looks like it could tell a few tales.

Cheers! Think I might go for it based on the potential genuine body, the badass bridge and the standard pickups. Probably look to get a new neck in time if it’s no good!

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JB-62 is a legitimate Fender Japan model number, usually followed by two or three more numbers to indicate where in the range the model sits (there are a few different levels of '62 Jazz Bass reissues, with different pickups, body woods and hardware). Most bodies on these are basswood, but there are some exceptions made of alder. Basswood is a little less dense and a bit softer, and therefore more prone to dinging. Could explain the damage around the body edges. 

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