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NAD: Fender Stage 800 Rumble Combo

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So,  have had the Fender Stage 800 Rumble combo 5 days now and happy to share my first impressions. I’ll update the thread as I go along and I’m also happy to answer Q’s for those who are curious about this model:

1.     It’s heavier than anticipated. Still a one hand carry though and pretty light for what it is I guess.

2.     The 64 page manual, that annoyingly you have to download, initially seemed a bit daunting but actually wasn’t too hard to work through – it’s very pictorial and a lot easier compared to the Markbass Multiamp manual. I confidently learned the Fender amp programming in about 2 hours – there’s a lot to remember but it’s fairly self-explanatory once you get going.

3.     The sounds and FX are very good, decent envelope filter and there is a decent notable difference between the amp models – ironically I’m favouring the GK emulator at present. There seems to be an abundance of distortions/overdrives…probably too much and a lot of the presets are distortion heavy but of course all settings are easy to modify and make cleaner.

4.     The Fender Tone app on the iPhone is brilliant, easy to modify your sound from your phone as long as your connected to the amp via Bluetooth. You can create amps, add Fx and make setlists all from your phone and its quick to make the changes. There are also presets in a Fender cloud that can be auditioned as well as downloaded- quite handy. All settings can be backed up to the cloud too.  

5.     The footswith is great too. You can switch between amp models easily and switch FX on and off in each patch setting if they’re present. Built in tuner and you can control the looper from the pedal. The pedal is sturdy and built to last, however, the connecting cable is a cheap nasty molded plug type – basic mono jack to jack.

6.     First bass amp I’ve ever connected to my home Wifi too – novel! However its great you can play your music via Bluetooth through the amp – today I jammed along with an iTunes playlist and levels can be adjusted to suit.

7.     I’m sure there is a toaster somewhere on it but haven’t found that yet…neither have I managed to get on eBay with it :D

Overall though I’m very impressed so far and will take it to rehearsal on Sunday for a good running. Particularly pleased it has a 12 string emulator patch so I can now contribute on our bands take on Pearl Jam’s ‘Jeremy’ :D

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1 minute ago, Linus27 said:

Are these actually 800 watts or is that with an extension cab?

With extension cab. Very loud on it's own though too.

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Love your review at the top of this thread, @Raslee.  I recently got the Rumble Studio 40 and tested it to enslave my Rumble 500 combo for more volume.  Yes!  It'll do.

See my post here:  



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