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Does it really matter what gear you have??

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2 hours ago, Newfoundfreedom said:

But in my opinion it's mostly a placebo effect. 

And I saw a program on the TV the other week about curing type 2 diabetes where they proved that for some a placebo actually does work, even when they know they're taking a placebo! How weird is that?

My logic has always been, if I have good gear then the rest is up to me and if I play badly at least I'm not going to sound bad as well. I think I've got the gear sussed out. Now my 80-20 rule has turned around to technique first then sound.

On Saturday I had several confirmations. The drummer said he thought he could hear the lessons I've been taking coming out in my playing. That's the best comment I've had in years. Then the drummer complimented me on my sound and the band leader complimented the drummer and me on how well we played together. Then several members of the audience came up and complimented the band and me as the bass player and as a member of a great rhythm section. It was a good gig, but maybe it wasn't your average audience!

What is the split between people who hear your sound and people who hear your playing? If I sound good and play well enough to please the band then I know that'll be good enough for the audience. If the lessons sound like they're working, then I'm really satisfied.

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