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**SOLD** Gallien Krueger MB210-ii Combo For Sale/Trade

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Gallien Krueger MB210-ii 350w Combo for sale or possible trade


Hi. Looking to move on this surprisingly light and loud combo. I bought this new in 2013 and it's had a fairly easy life.

95% of my gigs are with in ears so no need for Amp. As such it's been used for the occasional band call, function, and the odd show where it's sat in a pit for a week or 2.

It's only ever been transported by me in my car so condition is good for its age. Just a little wear and tear on the tolex which you should hopefully be able to see on the pics. 

Only selling as I switched to Aguilar gear about 18 months ago and thought I'd keep the GK as a spare, but now it's taking up space.

350w (500w with 8ohm Ext cabinet) but to be honest never felt the need to add an extension cab, it was always more than loud enough for me. Weight is 17.6kg. Size is 58.4 x 36.8 x 48.2 cm

You can get all the other specs from the GK website here:


I'm located in Hitchin and would prefer collection from there, but I do travel around the UK so do drop me a message to see if there might be a suitable meet up point. Any trial welcome. Plenty of basses here for you to check it with.


Trade wise, only thing I might be interested in would be small lightweight cabs. 


Cheers for looking,











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Purchased by fellow basschatter "Highwayone"

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I’m only really interested in smaller cabs I’m afraid. Lightweight 1x12 kind of thing. Thanks for getting in touch though. Always fancied trying the mb210 with a 115.... but no. I must sell! Too much gear!

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Offers and trade propositions posted in 'For Sale' ads are systematically deleted. They are to be made by Private Message (PM...) only.
Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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    • By moley6knipe
      GK Neo 212 8 Ohm.  £400 (no trades)
      GK 212 8 ohm in great condition. A few scuffs on corner protectors, on the base of the cab and on the grill but there's no rips on the tolex, no bashed edges etc. Speakers are sound - travel is normal, response is normal, no grinding / scratching when moving the cones. Tweeter functions as expected. If you have a GK RB series head and a 4-pole Speakon, you can bi-amp the woofers and tweeters. Of course, it will happily run full-range with any amp including GK. Comes with Roqsolid cover (basic unpadded version) but NO speaker cable. Reasonably easy one-person lift, though if you're heading up 3 flights of stairs with it then grab a chum. Will take those push in / pull out castors.
      AFAIK I'm second owner from new. Previous owner stored it indoors covered, I've stored it in insulated garage, dry, dust free. I haven't used it since I got my Barefaced.... So, it's just taking up space and it's a lovely cab that should get some use.
      Collection preferred, or will drive up to 45 minutes from PE11 postcode to deliver / meet. Happy to discuss sending by courier too at buyer's expense. Also selling other basses, cabs and pedals at present in case anything else takes your fancy.  Specs below from GK manual for the speaker.
      50 lb / 23 kg 8 ohms 600w RMS / 1200w peak Sens 101dB Max SPL 129dB 590mm wide 620mm tall 415mm deep

    • By gillento
      Gallien Krueger MB200
      Got the amp in a partial trade, but the sound is not my cup of tea.
      £195 / € 230 shipping from Luxembourg incl.
    • By sambass1982
      I am having a clear out of my current live bass rig & I am wanting £350 for the whole lot (that is not including delivery fees) The items for sale are; 
      1. Gallien Krueger 410 MBE-II Bass Cab 800 watt, Neo Drivers, 8ohm £250
      2. Korg Pitchblack Pro Rackmount Tuner (Korg PSU) £60
      3. Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor (With Box) £30
      4. Thon Rack Tray 2U 35cm Pedal Draw £40
      I have priced them individually & If you want to know more, then please contact me regarding Delivery.



    • By BCH
      GK MB Fusion 800 + footswitch & GK bag... (used)

    • By Soledad
      Bought about a year ago, gigged about 6 times when I had a loud drummer to deal with. Haven't used it for a while (switched to a small GB cab) so it needs to go.
      Dimensions (inches): 18.5 (D) x 23.5(W) x 26.5 (H)
      Impedance: 4 Ohms
      Weight: 29 Kg
      Power: 800W (GK site says 1000; input plate says 800). 
      Drivers: 4 x 10" GK Neos, plus HF with dial attenuation on input plate
      4 x factory fitted castors (the tough kind that don't bend) 
      Condition is near new (see pics). All drivers really as new, never driven close to hard (it's a very loud cab as the drummer discovered). Roqsolid cover also very good condition, just been in and out of a car a few times. 
      I do honestly rate this cab very highly - I've used 410s for years as the cab of choice and never heard a better one. It's ported so there is an abundance of bottom-end available, the mids are really clear and forward, and I turn the horn down to about 1/4 as it has a crazy amount of top if required. I ran it with a GB 900 and always backed bass off a bit, and low mids up a little. Never got the amp past tickover.
      There's bi-amp input option. If you happen to see a thread about this cab on TB (less than complimentary) I and several others do not know what the guy was doing but may have had the cab switched bi-amp by mistake. With a decent head and set full-range, this cab sounds just the way a really good neo 410 should. I'll miss it, but I can't keep everything (apparently).
      Don't want to attempt to ship this, sorry.
      TRADES: I really should sell this but may possibly be tempted by a high-end small cab. I'm thinking 210 or similar, Vanderkley, Bergantino, why. Also wondering about a PJB 47 or similar. But wifey says cash, just so we're all clear about this.

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