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**SOLD** Gallien Krueger MB210-ii Combo For Sale/Trade

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Gallien Krueger MB210-ii 350w Combo for sale or possible trade


Hi. Looking to move on this surprisingly light and loud combo. I bought this new in 2013 and it's had a fairly easy life.

95% of my gigs are with in ears so no need for Amp. As such it's been used for the occasional band call, function, and the odd show where it's sat in a pit for a week or 2.

It's only ever been transported by me in my car so condition is good for its age. Just a little wear and tear on the tolex which you should hopefully be able to see on the pics. 

Only selling as I switched to Aguilar gear about 18 months ago and thought I'd keep the GK as a spare, but now it's taking up space.

350w (500w with 8ohm Ext cabinet) but to be honest never felt the need to add an extension cab, it was always more than loud enough for me. Weight is 17.6kg. Size is 58.4 x 36.8 x 48.2 cm

You can get all the other specs from the GK website here:


I'm located in Hitchin and would prefer collection from there, but I do travel around the UK so do drop me a message to see if there might be a suitable meet up point. Any trial welcome. Plenty of basses here for you to check it with.


Trade wise, only thing I might be interested in would be small lightweight cabs. 


Cheers for looking,











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Purchased by fellow basschatter "Highwayone"

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I’m only really interested in smaller cabs I’m afraid. Lightweight 1x12 kind of thing. Thanks for getting in touch though. Always fancied trying the mb210 with a 115.... but no. I must sell! Too much gear!

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Offers and trade propositions posted in 'For Sale' ads are systematically deleted. They are to be made by Private Message (PM...) only.
Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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    • By sambass1982
      Here is My Full Live Bass Rig What I have for Sale; 
      Warwick LWA 1000 (Warwick Gigbag + speakON to 1/4 Jack) Gallien Krueger 410 MBE-II Bass Cab SOLD (Pending payment) Thon Rack 5U Eco 40 flightcase  Thon Rack Tray 2U 35cm Pedal Draw Korg Pitchblack Pro Rackmount Tuner (Korg PSU) Darkglass B7K Bass Preamp Pedal SOLD Darkglass Super Symmetry SOLD Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor (With Box) Planet Wave Patch Cables  
      If you need any Information regarding it, Then feel free to Throw me a Message.

    • By simonroberts788
      Nicknamed The Planet Destroyer, this dreamy cab produces an extremely pleasing warm and thick tone. It's a sealed, infinite baffle cabinet with no ports, like the Ampeg fridges, which means you're just getting the pure sound of the speakers with no flappy woof. Moving it around is actually fine - you just tip it back and wheel it around - I replaced the casters with equivalent heavy duty types as the originals were shot. It's easy to get into the car too - just wheel it up to the tailgate, tip it up and slide it in. You'll need a bandmate to help you get it up the back stairs of the venue, but that would still be the case with a 4x10 and this obviously sounds twice as big!! Having speakers up at chest height is just great for monitoring too. There's something magical about the feeling of it behind you - it doesn't need to be that loud, it just moves so much air. Fall in love with the bass again!! All original speakers, GK bi-amp feature, horn attenuator. This cab is literally indestructible. Only selling as i've just got a GK Neo 412 as I fancied a change. The 8x10 is warmer and thicker but the 4x12 is just a bit smaller and lighter.
      I'd prefer collection from St Agnes in Cornwall but if you can arrange shipping then go for it. Shiply can be very reasonable for stuff like this. When I bought it the shipping was £50. You can even come and try it with your head at my rehearsal space.

    • By Si600
      One well used and slightly modified GK 212MBE.
      It's the 8 Ohm, 600w one. Previous to my purchasing it from on here the silver grill had been painted black. Personally, I preferred it.
      It is located in Germany, so I don't expect to get much interest, shipping to dear old Blighty is in the order of £115 to £130.
      It's a bit scruffy and AFAIK it all works.

    • By johnpaulbass
      As said yesterday was a nice evening. Had the possibility to try some wonderful bass heads. At the end it was a tough choice. Let's say I didn't have any "personal favs". Every amp sounded great that's a thing that has to be said. I've tried them with the Mesa powerhouse 410 box, then (not pictured) with my Schroeder Mini 12+ boxes and then recorded them directly through the Focusrite in the DAW. To cut short I'll put it this way:
      The GK is a great all rounder ('been my main amp for 4 years) and a covers all the tones of those other amps (so I'll keep it as a backup).
      The Aguilar lets the instrument come out, has a great warm tone, scoped a little in the mids so if I had to chose just one amp (fortunately not) that would be the Aguilar for shure.
      Speaking of the Darkglass it just sounds somehow organic and full, the MIDs selection is super useful at least for my playing plus the feature of their overdrives incorporated is fantastic. Not to speak about the power which is massive.
      The Mesa is a great amp but at my taste too scooped, everything just sound huge, "amplified", the mids just booms out, lots of headroom... reminds me somehow of the Ampeg heads with more clarity. The basses sounded HUGGGE through the Mesa head, but if you tweak a bit the Darkglass and the Mesa sounded similar.
      So ... said that I do own the Gk and the Darkglass which I'll keep. Since I'm planning to switch, at least for some situations, to the IEM system I will buy myself a Tonehammer pedal DI and then basically this will cover everything I need. For now.
      Basses used: Fender Precision Custom Shop '64 reissue relic, Sadowsky Rv5 metro

      Soundcloud link (please don't be picky on my playing... I've had a superstressfull week and just the hype of trying this amps kept me awake

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