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November's Composition Challenge is now underway

Here’s the image for your inspiration, chosen by last month's winner, @lurksalot...

We don't seem to have had a firework picture in November for a few years , so I'll offer you this one :D



  • Avoid any content that other forum users may find offensive.
  • Make sure you have permission to use any 3rd party sounds and samples in your track.
  • Entries should be no more than five minutes long and written/produced during the month of the competition.
  • Pipes of the 'bag' and 'pan' variety are strictly prohibited.

The deadline for entries is midnight on Saturday 24th November.

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3 hours ago, xgsjx said:

The only reason I’ve missed the past few comps is because I had written songs using panpipes & bagpipes. 

Be brave , anarchy is your friend ......but make sure they are very low in the mix, that is, very very low , a bit like homeopathic panpipes and bagpipes 😉

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6 hours ago, SH73 said:

i don't like fireworks 

In that case , you can see in the scene that there are boats in the harbour , it could almost be a reconstruction of the Elizabethan ship battles with Drake fighting off the Armada , the photo was taken in Plymouth after all, and if you can overlook the fact that Drake was considered to have been a part of the first slave trades, its all good :$

Ed to add

thinking about it , there are probably as many tunes written about things that people don't like as there are about things that people do !



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Hi all,

It's been a long time. I'm practically retired from music nowadays and the grand old age of 39. Going to and fro in my mind whether to sell up or not.

Anyway, my eldest son, who is 9, is getting into music and had listened to my previous entries from a few years back in this and decided he wanted to enter. So he's done this. All i've done is give it a rough mix. So here is his entry


This is still how you do it innit?

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Here is my contribution to the November 2018 Basschat Composition Challenge, inspired by a picture chosen by last month's winner: Lurksalot.
An all Kontakt soundscape, using solely the 'Factory' orchestral woodwind and percussion, and a synth for a couple of sounds. Please keep your pets protected when playing this, as some could be upset by the sounds. I would advise against turning up the volume too much, too.
Thanks for listening, if you already have; if you're about to, enjoy.


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Blatantly flouting protocol, but I did this yesterday, just for fun, using a random 'virtual firework' video found on t'web (the work of a certain Mattéo Géa, in France...), and had a splendid surprise. No editing of either the video or music; it just seemed to fit together..! Maybe any soundtrack would do the same..? Dunno.
Just sayin'...


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I'm in then , its a quick one this time  as I have loads to do this month ¬¬


Its  going off in my bed

Its  going off in my bed

And I just love it

I just cant stop it

Yeah I just love it

Do it again

Do it again Cos

 its all going off in my bed


Fireworks forever she cried

She lit the fuse when I was still inside

Then She looked at me with a vengeance when she said

Im gonna set it off in your head


Now its going off in my head

its going off in my head

And I don’t want it

I just cant stop it

no I don’t want it

take it away

 take it away

 cos its all going off in my head






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