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‘SOLD’ Ashdown ABM400 + 2x10 and 1x15 cabs

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This is my ‘backup’ amp to the one I sold a few months back.
I’m finishing NYE and that gig has been cancelled due to a new tennant. So I’ve made my mind up to sell now. I can find something to get me by for the last few weeks.

It is a UK made Ashdown pre the 500. Apparently there is no difference between these and the "500" version and it’s certainly loud.
The amp has recently been serviced at the Ashdown workshop and is A1 working.
No problems with the original speakers etc. The cab facia material can easily be removed if necessary. Each cab is 300W. Mains and leads included.

Ok it may be old fashioned to lug, but for the sake of a few minutes puff you can be happy all night. Neo and class d, been there, like but not love. Those neodimiumumum speakers irritate me.

I’m in Coseley/Bilston West Mids WV14












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The amp is of the original UK ABM series and not the cheaper Mag range. The cabs are the standard ABM compact range as opposed to the Deep range which makes it easier to slide on the back seat.
The 2x10 has the horn which can be switched Low/off/High


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Buy with confidence from Geoff. I bought the previous ABM400 he had for sale. Had I not already bought that I’d likely be going for this, as in need of cabs to downsize from my 8x10!


GLWTS, Geoff.

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When Ashdown released the 500 watt version there were no internal changes - I had that confirmed by Ashdown a lot of years ago.

These are the best amps on the planet IMHO and I'd never be without mine. I'd be having this rig if shipping was a viable option! Somebody get it bought!

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