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SOLD - Fender - custom shop 64 relic


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Have played this bass, it’s almost identical to mine - having a pair would be and act of pure greed.

It’s got a slightly slimmer neck than mine, not much - but it is a stunning bass.

The “Blue” of it only shows in certain lights too - it’s only noticeable next to mine which is Olympic white - and does have a tendency to look blue, funnily enough.

Anyhow, bump for a great guy and a great bass.

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I’m always on and off with this one and  it’s not getting played a lot at the moment

At some point later this year, I was planning on investing in a MM caprice, very suited to what I do!

I know they are few and far between, but if anybody wants a trade in this, with cash my way, enough for me to get a US Jazz (that is based on the prices of those that have sold on here and trade value of this bass at 2k)

any colour, except sunburst would be considered 




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