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Ibanez BTB550MP-NTF Pre Amp

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After a two year break due to breaking my hand, I'm back to start playing again.  As I'd previously sold all my gear, I thought I'd get another BTB as my last 770PB Amber was awesome (wish I'd never sold it now!).  I picked up an 550MP-NTF in near mint condition with a slight issue on the dual cut pot for a good price.  Sounded like a potentiometer easy fix swop.

However, after replacing said pot (model 3VR1VM304) the problem still remains.  Adjusting this pot results in pops, dead sound and feedback.  Therefore, I'm thinking I need to replace the preamp.  However, looking online, this is no longer available in the uk.  I believe you can get a set from Germany for 155 euros but i'd rather not if i could help it!

Has anyone had this problem before I'm wondering?

Would anyone have a contact / who is a guru who might be able to supply a circuit diagram/ know a supplier to use / or could be of help?  

Many thanks in Advance - Mick.






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Something is not connected properly. Crackles and pops tend to do with DC or ground issues.

Nothing hinders you to replace the whole preamp with another. Noll, Glockenklang, East, bartolini, Darkglass... they all work with those pickups.

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Cheers for the reply.

Had a good poke around and all seems to be connected well.  Am going to see about getting the preamp swapped like you say.  Just want to make sure i get it right first time 😉

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