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I made transcriptions for some videos!

actually, 4 are available: This is Halloween, Blowin in the wind, Evil Morty and Swallowtail jig.

go in the description of the video! 

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I just add free tabs for the solo bass arrangement of You’re gonna go far, kid.

as usual, the link is in the description of the video. 

Have fun with it! 

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just popped in to say hi 

I don't play covers in my bands, only originals. BUT I learn covers from bands I like, to improve my playing and to get ideas for my basslines.

It's a good way to learn music

I'm away from my studio so can't listen with any decent gear so I'll listen tomorrow.

keep sharing

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A new cover is online! And for the first time, it’s a duet!

I love this song and it was amazing to write and record the arrangement with Anthony, great American bass player. 


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My new solo bass arrangement of the Pachelbel’s canon! Oups... it’s Memories by Maroon 5! 


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      Here is a video lesson on a classic Bob Marley song, I Shot The Sheriff. 
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      I have been working more on my fretless bass playing lately. 
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      For me, the cello and fretless bass in general compliment each other beautifully. 
      PDF available in the video description on YouTube.  There is a Tab version too.
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      Pick up a free copy of my eBook which contains all the transcriptions, and resources from my first 50 Greg’s Bass Shed Youtube videos. 
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      Hi Bass-chatters
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