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*** Now sold *** For sale -  my Stagg electric upright bassPLUS Hard Case, Plush gig bag, adjustable stand, and double bass bow – * Price Drop *The whole lot for £400

Stagg EUB

I’m selling my Stagg EUB which I bought from new. It’s in great condition, (with only one or two faint marks which are hard to notice), and has only had light home/studio use. The finish is in a striking red, which allows the pattern of the grain to come through. These are really solidly built instruments, and made from solid maple.

The bass features a (hot) pre amp with:

  • -          Volume control
  • -          Sub bass control,
  • -          External input (for Mp3 player, drum machine, whatever you want really),
  • -          Head phone socket for near silent practice/recording without annoying anyone,
  • -          Handy light which reminds you that there’s a lead plugged in, as well as alerting you if the battery is running low.

The bass comes with detachable hand and hip rests, as well as a retractable and adjustable end pin to get the bass to your preferred height.

The action is fully adjustable with height adjustment screws at the bridge and conventional truss rod adjustment at the headstock.

Hopefully the photos do justice to the lovely red finish this bass has.

Hard case

Sale includes a plush lined hard case which features a handy compartment large enough to store the detachable rests, tuner, lead, etc. As well as this, there is also storage for a double bass bow.

Gig bag

The gig bag isn’t a run of the mill flimsy affair; Instead this is nicely padded with a plush interior and two soft pouches for storage of the rests and other things, whilst the exterior has a pocket for a double bass bow, handles with chunky rubber grips, a shoulder strap and additional handle. It also has an embroidered Stagg logo, chunky rubber zip handles, and reflective piping.

Stagg EUB stand

The Stagg stand is specifically made for the EUB, is very solid and sturdy, fully adjustable, has a hook on the back to hold a bow, and folds up for compact storage. The bass can also be played whilst in the stand.

Double bass Bow

Double bass bow bought from new specifically for the EUB. Hasn’t  had very much use and can sound really impressive! I’ve got some Rosin for it somewhere which I’ll also throw in.

Sale is because I've got my eye on something expensive and need to generate some funds. I’m based in Shtrewsbury by the way. Collection is definitely preferred due to the combined size and weight of the items listed. Any questions, please let me know.

Please look out for other for sale posts as I'm also selling a Genz Benz Streamliner 900, Squier VM ’77 Jazz Bass, Barefaced gen 3 Big Baby 2, and a Phil Jones Bass double four.

Thanks for viewing!














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Price drop

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It's possible. I initially thought that everything together would make an atttractive package for someone as it's everthing you could need in one go.

Leave it with me though, if there's no interest, then I'll consider splitting. Hope that's ok.


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Still available! All your double bass needs covered in one go.

And if you want a very compact, pokey, and hi fi practice amp to go with it (actually pairs very nicely), I'm also selling a PJB double Four.....

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Can I ask how big it is, once in the case - I need to check if it will fit into my car - I know a double bass won't (its a VW Eos). Thanks

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Hi Paul, 

Ok, it's:

Cm:      156  x  17     x  15

Inches   65  x  6.75  x  6

The gig bag is around 3 inches shorter.

Hope that helps.


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Yes, it's the complete package! A veritable bass banquet bonanza of upright lovelyness. All you could ever need!*

Upright bass, a very sturdy stand, hard case, padded plush gig bag, a bow, and some rosin!


* Except the amp of course**

** Although if you do need a fantastic practice amp to get the most out of this attractive upright, then I may be able to help out with that too...

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      ShuttleMAX 12.2 class D 1200W head with dual FET and tube channels. Includes foot switch, original box and manual. Light scratching to top of head but otherwise in VGC. £550
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      Hello all!
      This is a feeler for the sale my awesome condition 1973 / 74 Fender Jazz bass in Sunburst.
      Its RW board, block inlays and bound.
      Photos are here in my photobucket album - 
      http://s1341.photobucket.com/user/bassintheface/library/Fender Jazz Bass 1973 - 1974
      It's in really excellent condition with only a couple of minor chips which I've tried to clearly show on the pics.
      The serial number on the neck plate is 509063 which is 1973 / 1974 which puts it as one of the last 4 bolt neck versions out of Fullerton before they went to the bullet truss rod and 3 bolt neck in 1974 / 75.
      The CTS pot codes date the bass to 5th Week 1974 - Jan / Feb (1377405) so the feedback on the age was that it was likely put together very late 1973 or very early 1974 - as you know with Fender around this time, its a combination of date stamps that help you get an age of an instrument.
      It comes with a generic hardcase and re issue versions of the pickup cover and ashtray from a USA 70's reissue.
      I will get neck end photos and pickup photos - from memory, you can only see a stamp on the bridge pickup now since the rewind of the neck pick up - its 5 years or so since Matt had it open, so will check  his photos and hopefully  add to the photobucket album above - if not, I'll have to get it opened up.
      I bought it from a friend around 5 or 6 years ago and the story was (note that this is completely unsubstantiated) that it belonged to Andy Scott of the Sweet and was used for recording /demos and never gigged, hence the condition. I really don't know if this is true and no one will ever know, but Andy Scott is from my hometown of Wrexham so it is plausible.
      The bass had been unplayed for a number of years prior to my purchase and upon getting it, the neck pickup didn't work and the elecs were intermittent and crackly.
      I swiftly sent it over to the very excellent Matthew John Bascetta in Chester - http://www.mjbluthier.co.uk/
      for a full clean, pro set up and a rewind of the neck pick up - Matt is also the guy behind the excellent 'House of Tone' pickups - https://www.houseoftonepickups.com/
      and he did a full rewind using period correct wire and hand winding, inc wax potting - you can see him at work below.
      It now plays beautifully and sounds, IMO awesome!  
      Feel free to ask any questions - I'd just appreciate PM's with an expression of interest initially as I really don't want to sell it being honest, but it lives at home (non smoking household) and  don't gig it our of fear of damaging it.
      You won't find many in this condition.
      No trades, viewing welcome.
      Cash on collection or bacs.
      I don't want to post this out of fear of it being damaged! 
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      Mint - used once. Very good case.
      Looks exactly like the advert. Actual case pics possible if required.

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      Well, I've had a big, pleasant surprise. I took a bass in trade, and it has blown me away! I had a Squier CV precision in the past... Sold it and regretted it. But I recently got this one in trade, and it's even better that the Fiesta Red one I had before. That red CV was amazing, but this one (sonic blue) is one utterly amazing bass.
      I took it to rehearsal the night I got it, and it sounded as awesome as it plays. It's lightweight, looks lovely, and is the most comfortable P bass I've ever played! It's a better player even than my JV, and sounds as good.... Perhaps it sounds even better? I can't quite believe it. I know many people will think I must be mad, but I've owned US, Mex, VM Squier, Japan & Roadworn p's and this is the best one. It has surprised me, to say the least
      Oddly enough, I don't normally like to keep the bridge cover on a bass, but I like it on this bass. Anyhow, couple of pics, and a question - should I keep the original slightly yellowed white pickguard, or change for my favourite Tort?

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